What is the Best Diablo 3 Guide?

Hey again my Nerd Brothas! Here is the best diablo 3 guide that I have come across thus far!

I’ve made millions of this guide already and I’m still in Hell act 3. Hope that is something you can somewhat base upon how much you’ve farmed or gotten, I’m still not 60 either, only 58 as I have too much on my plate and play casually.

If you haven’t already figured out, Diablo 3 is a somewhat short game, but a HUGE game.  What makes it huge? How about the randomness and rarity of certain bosses and items.  This increases the possibility for some “better payout” spots and hidden gems. If you are serious about Diablo 3 and maybe even plan to make some money from the Real Money Auction House, then you will need some help!

I have been researching since Beta up until now on what the best Diablo 3 guide would be.  I have gotten review copies from all the top names in power-leveling and gold farming.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, as all of them are good Diablo 3 guides, but only one is the best diablo 3 guide!

I am going to go ahead and say from my experience, the guide that was the most useful, taught me the most new things, and the most profitable guide,would have to be Diablo 3 Gold Secrets by Marko.  I enjoyed this guide 100% and if I had purchased it and not gotten a review copy, I would of had zero regrets about purchasing it as with it’s methods, and the real money auction house, you seriously have no reason to not make at least 10-20 dollars a day playing pretty casual(1-2 hours a day).

You can make your own decision on it here, but for everything you get, don’t cross it off your list just yet!

I hope this helps you out, please check my other posts for free information about speedleveling, gold finding, and magic finding, enjoy! Please comment with any criticisms or thanks, or questions!!

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