The Pros and Cons of Windows 8

Wondering What The Pros and Cons of Windows 8 Are?

The Windows 8 release slated for 26th October, 2012 is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. It’s been three years since the last Windows iteration (Windows 7) hit the market, and Windows aficionados are eagerly waiting for the upcoming new release. Microsoft has offered a couple of sneak-peak previews of its much talked-about operating system through a Consumer Preview and official release preview. A few notable pros and cons of the Windows 8 system can be pieced together from the sneak-peak previews.

Pros of the Windows 8 System

From what can be gathered so far, Windows 8 is presumably going to be the first desktop operating system to support mobile computing. The question of how desktop can be integrated with mobile has been buzzing in the technology world since the emergence of mobile computing. With Windows 8, Microsoft seems to have provided a fitting answer, and whereas it remains to be seen whether it will really succeed, there’s no denying that it is a bold step forward and a very welcome move at that.

For developers, Windows 8 is going to make it easier to build Metro apps for the system. In essence, a developer will only have to know web scripting and formatting languages, such as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML5. It will make for a quick, simple, and more efficient development process.

Microsoft will also be releasing its own App Store with Windows 8, which will basically provide developers a central hub where to distribute their apps from. Again, it remains to be seen whether Microsoft’s effort will be a success this time around as it has attempted a similar thing in the past and it failed dismally.

Another major advantage is that the Task Manager has been revamped to best cater to the needs of the regular user while still providing enough sophistication for the power user. When launched, the window will only display a list of running applications and those that are unresponsive. There is a ‘More Details’ option for power users that displays the Services, Processes, Performance, and Networking tabs.

Cons of the Windows 8 System

While there are a number of new features that are undeniably intuitive in Windows 8, there are some downsides too. Notable among them is the new user interface that is not only hard to navigate to the desktop, but also very confusing to find a way back to the Start menu. While it’s quite intuitive and ambitious, average users will likely find it hard navigating.

In the same regard, the new interface design feels like it was created for tablet computing rather than for the desktop. It is primarily a touch-based interface and although it supports keyboard and mouse use, people that are so used to the keyboard style will find that it doesn’t flow well on Windows 8.

In all, Windows 8 promises to be an ambitious step into the future, but it will take some time for average users to get used to the confusing interface design. It makes it easier that Windows 7 apps will be supported.


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  1. mlv says:

    XP was great for years and known by all users. I welcome improvements but Vista was a disappointment but with toleration we learn it. Some returned to XP. Then 7 was new hope. Still not mastered by a lot of users but was comfortably easier than Vista. Now wouldn’t you just know it? MS has pulled the rug out from under us again and forcing 8 onto us. It’s ugly to start with, hard to find the usual features in expected places and an issue with DVD movie support. It’s bad enough to have to tolerate the constant upgrades and crashes, now we’re looking at a new basket of horrors. It’s no wonder why so many MACbooks are blooming everywhere. “Come-on now MS”. I’ve been with this OS since the beginning of DOS 1.0 and have made great ventures even before the very first Windows 3.0. I’m MS licensed and have several A+ certifications and of course I repair PCs. Over the last 20 years I’ve only have had to repair just two MAC (Apple) PCs and it was not (unlike MS) the OS. Now MS wants to nickle & dime it’s users by selling them apps that use to be standard on all PCs. Unless this practice change, MS is in for a rude awakening.

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  2. Rajakumar says:

    ya i accept the cons the company need to upgrade their hardware to take pros for touch interface

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  3. Dawnseeker says:

    I really like the win 8 speed and performance and a few other fetchers they added. But it is annoying to navigate where you want to be. For instance if you need to setup your hardware, there is a massive long route to take to get where you want to be, just to realize that your hardware ( witch isn’t even a year old) has compatibility issues. For instance it took me 3 days just to setup and install y laptop ATI display drivers. Sound is still buggerd due to no driver support, and no fingerprint reader or camera is working on my laptop. HARDWARE BOY’S, Fix the hardware. We need simple and understanding, not complicated.
    The simplest problems require simple solutions. Complicated problems is an irritation.

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  4. Dave says:

    I am not into the PC big time and so far have kept away from vista and 7. My two daughters had laps with vista that I changed to xp. we have a desk top pc that runs 7 but I have a lap that was loaded with vista but I reformatted to xp pro. I had been thinking about win 8 but was unsure as I still can’t run around win 7 and always use my lap in preference. Reading the above reviews even if win 8 was free I’ll stick with xp pro. I did have an unreliable win7/7.5 phone which I liked except the phone was naff.

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  5. Uddeshya Shankar says:

    I like windows 8. It was all fast and smooth. Much faster than windows 7. But ive had to reset my windows 8 twice because it used to not launch my apps and it didnt restart properly. Now i went back to windows 7 and am much more happy due to no errors.

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  6. Jeffrey Donner says:

    Windows XP – for it’s Time… Ended up being an EXCELLENT Operating system From Day 1… But Very Good ( and for many years) after 3 Service Packs.. After so Many Windows Operating System Duds…
    Vista was a MISTAKE…
    Windows was the BEST Windows Operating Syestem Microsoft ever put out… NOW Windows 8 is the Worst ( not 1st) MISTAKE EVER

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  7. Duvan Slabbert says:

    Thinking back on all the winows os out there it would almost seem as if windows peaked out on windows xp. Windows vista was a in my eyes a huge failure, windows 7 was there to quickly replace vista and even what vista should have been. All and all window 7 was and still is a great os, but like many others i went back to xp, as it runs even faster and beter with technology 10years after its release… I was sad to learn that windows will stop all saport for xp by 2014. As for looking at windows 8, i get this feeling so many times that they took half of windows 7 and designed 1/4 of another os and somehow whacked the two together and thats why i keep on getting this feeling that the os is only 3/4 complete and lack character…. its as if we are looking at another vista and waiting for its windows 7 to come and save the day.

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