Best New Features of Windows 8 for Tablets and PCs

Ever since Microsoft made the Windows 8 Release Preview of its new system, many people have commented on the new features that you can look forward to as the official release date draws near. Here are some of the best new features of what is largely thought of as Microsoft’s most significant version of its Windows operating system.

The most striking and easily recognizable new feature of the Win 8 system is the touch user interface. The classic layout of the older versions has been completely altered to include a new animated interface but on a Windows 7 based theme (Windows 7 apps will be accessible on the new system). Screen navigation can be completed by swiping and a user can use customizable Live Tiles to view information about a program without launching it. And while the ‘Metro’ interface was designed for swipe and sweep gestures, they can still work with a mouse if that’s what a user wants, according to Microsoft.

Another cool new feature of Windows 8 is that it will support ARM tablets as well as x86 machines, the very first version of Windows to do so. This means that users will be able to work with their tablets, ultra books, and all-in-one screens on their Windows 8 system. And with the ARM version, a tablet will be able to remain connected to the Internet while in standby.

For those that like multitasking, brace for the snap multitasking feature that will allow two apps to run simultaneously. This feature will allow users to switch between apps, resize them, and snap them into position on the desktop. You will be able to resize an app (for instance enlarging it) by simply dragging its bar, while switching between apps is as simple as swiping for the left side of the screen.

Windows 8 will also have a feature that allows for a multitude of ways to customize their desktop to their personal tastes. With previous versions, users can personalize their desktops using screensavers and wallpapers. The ‘tatoos’ feature in Windows 8 goes beyond that.

Another new feature that you can’t miss is ‘Charms’, which is essentially the new Start bar for Windows. It can be accessed from the left bottom corner of the desktop, the same place that the Start button is located on older Windows version. This feature allows for fast configuration of app settings. There are five sets of options for both system settings and app settings, including Settings, Devices, Share, Search, and Start.

There are many more features to look out for when Microsoft finally releases Windows 8 on the proposed date of 25th October, 2012. Note that the aforementioned features are primarily based on the Consumer Preview and Release Preview of the system.

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