How to Get Windows Movie Maker for Windows 7

Since you are already on this post, I am guessing you are looking for Movie Maker for Windows 7, or possibly Windows 8. It to me is very stupid that they did not include it in the Win7 OS, but have no fear, it is just a download away.

Here is the link to download it from Microsofts site.

It is a simple install and after you are done you will have Windows Movie Maker for Win 7 Installed.


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Windows 8 to Windows 7 Conversion – The Classic Shell

If you, like me, hate the default look of Windows 8 and want to use the old Windows 7 style of toolbar.. well you are in luck!

There is a great application that is called the “Classic Shell”.  It basically puts a shell over the Win8 tile interfaces and make it so you have a normal functioning start menu again.

You can still use the tiles features and every other part of windows 8, but by default you will see the shell with the windows 7 style of toolbar once you install it.

The download link is @


Windows 7, Xp and Classic are the three download options available.  Enjoy!