Diablo 3 – Paragon System and Levels – How Does it work?

As of D3 Patch 1.0.4, there will now be paragon levels.  What are paragon levels you ask? Well, once you obtain level 60, you will then be maxed level, but all your experience gained from that point forward will be sent into your paragon levels, which will ultimately take you from levels 1-100.

What are the benefits to the paragon system and gaining levels? Well here is what they do.

  1. It will give you something to work towards every time you log into the game.
  2. You will gain the same amount of stats (strength, dexterity, intellect, etc.) as you would from gaining a normal level when going from 1-60.
  3. You will gain 3% gold find and 3% magic find (Capped at 300% mf & gf total)

This system basically just makes the game more fun, and gives people who aren’t satisfied with grinding items all day, a reason to still login and have a good time playing, and then logging off and knowing they are almost to the next paragon level.

When you level up your Paragon levels you will also receive a new portrait every 10 levels.  Your Paragon levels can be seen by players as well.

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