New League of Legends Ranked System FAQ & Info

As of you may have already heard, or if it is a later date, League of Legends has decided to toss out the ELO ranking system and go with a more divisional type of ranking / ranked game solution.  This new ranked LOL system is very similar to that of Star craft 2’s ranking system.   This needed to be done because the ELO system wasn’t a good motivator for most people.  It was extremely annoying and didn’t really promote playing ranked as much as it should.  This new system will place you into Tiers, with your friends, and has a bottoming out limit so even if you tank 10 games, you ultimately will still be at your highest tier.

So for more detail I will talk about the tiers.  Basically there will be low to high tiers like Starcraft 2.  Bronze being the lowest(0-1050 elo), Silver (1050-1300 elo), and so on.  Once you are into your tier it will be a group of about 250 people in your division, so you would say I’m silver tier and in “Gankplanks Hardy Crew” division.  When you view your division you will see your place, from rank 1 to rank 250, you will also see things that signify if someone is doing well, say on a winning streak,  and other little signs relating to the person.

The positive side to this type of ranking system with League of Legends is that if you lose a game, the farthest you can fall is to rank 250.  You will maintain your tier unless you become inactive for a month or longer.  To get promoted, you will have a series of games, and depending on how you do in those games(somewhat like placement matches) will determine if you will be bumped up to the next tier(gold, silver, platinum, ect…).

If you watch any league of legend streams, you will notice that many the pro players are in their games with the same people very often.  This will somewhat be the case for everyone now, because it will want to place you with friends and people from your division before it branches out for other players from a different division.  Pretty awesome bro!

Well those are just the basics of the system and my ELO numbers for the bronze > silver brackets may be slightly off.  Enjoy the new system & let’s hope you get an awesome division name.

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