Best League of Legends Characters for Jungle in Season 3

Best League of Legends Characters for Jungle in Season 3

Season 3 in League of Legends changed the way the meta, and game in general was played. This is apparent in many ways, but some easy ways to tell are that games usually go faster, teams like EG (ex-CLG.EU) who used to be unbeatable by many teams, have almost fallen off because their style of play no longer works. In this article I want to inform new players of the changes, and what to expect, and how to play in the jungle specifically.

Jungling in League of Legends, I think is one of the easiest ways to carry your-self out of a horrible low ELO/league. The only downside is that you are the play maker for the lanes, but if your lanes can’t hit their skills or secure the kills, your job could be a little harder.
Here are some good Jungling Champions for Solo Q in LOL Season 3
1. Xin Zhao – I love this dude. He is my go to champion most of the time for jungling.
Reasons why I love him – GAP CLOSER, KNOCK UP, HEALS.
How I build him – 9/21/0 seems to be what works best for me. I usually go sun fire, phage, defense boots, and then adjust to what I think is needed. I go wriggles a lot but im not sure if that is the most efficient item anymore, blade of the ruin king would be good, and also black cleaver.
2. Volibear – Gap Closer, speed increase, fear, Tanky
3. Nasus – Slow, Tanky, Dog
4. Rengar – Gap closer, Slow, Stealth
5. Nocturne – Fear, Speed Increase, Gap closer with ult
6. Hecarim – Speed Increase, Gap Closer, Knock back
Those are some good junglers to learn, of course they aren’t the only ones, nor are the other ones bad. The reason I listed the above champions is because of GAP CLOSERS. Honestly, I think season 3 is all about getting in your face and go HAM. Being tanky on these champions is superior to going full glass cannon. Why you might ask? Well, since you are the jungler and usually have a slow/stun/knockup etc, you make plays and help your other lanes snowball ahead. With some hp and armor you are able to tower dive, slow the enemy under turret and soak up the damage and get your carries out alive. This is your job; this is also how you carry your team on your back.
I hope this short article was useful, I am in no way a professional, but I did just hit gold from bronze with 60 games played, I did not lose very many on the way up. Season 3 is all about being aggressive, keep the pressure on when you have a lead or else they can just farm and catch up. Good luck pwners!

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League of Legends Jungle Timers FAQ

Here is a little FAQ about Jungle Timers for any Nerdy Junglers!

As a Jungler, it is your job to keep track of the neutral minion spawn timers, like Dragon, Blue, Red and Baron.

You can type out the respawn times in chat however works best for you, but most junglers do something like this.

“Dragon – 15.25~”

TB ~ 18.23 (their blue and it re spawns @ 18.23)

Okay so that is pretty much common knowledge, you just want how long they stay dead for?!

  • Blue Buff – 5 Minute respawn timer
  • Red Buff – 5 Minute respawn timer
  • Dragon – 6 minutes respawn timer
  • Baron – 7 Minute respawn timer
  • Golems / Wolves – 1 Minute respawn timer
  • Wraith – 50 Second respawn timer

Remeber to try to talk as little as possible in chat, to team or enemy team, because it will scroll your respawn time you typed out to far up to notice or remember.  Typing out the times usually doesn’t work so well in solo q but it works wonders when you are on Skype, Vent, Etc with a few good players.