Things to do in Diablo 3 When Bored of Grinding Inferno for Loot

It’s easy to forget what is fun in a game, and in this case Diablo3 .

Often times people get so caught up in progression it turns into a job, and becomes a repetitive chore to just play. So here are my suggestion to you when you are bored doing whatever it is that you are doing, which my guess would be farming Inferno, act 1, 2, and if you are lucky, 3.

1. If you are playing with your friends, or helping them level, buy some cheap legendaries, or good/bad yellows, and drop them on the ground when you kill a boss or elite champion pack. Keep doing this and they will probably start thinking they are the luckiest person in the world.

2.  Play Hardcore mode! Hardcore mode in Diablo 3 is almost a different game, sorta. It adds more challenge, a purpose, there is no real money auction house, so the gold auction house is better and more stable, plus gold is worth more.

3. Farm for Achievements!  This is probably one of the best things to do in my nerdy opinion.  There are tons of fun things to conquer if you are going for achievement points.  It will give new life to the game, at least until you finish all the easy/semi easy ones.  This is the only thing that kept me playing World of Warcraft in my later days.

4. Make/LVL a new character to 60.

5. Try funny builds

6. If you are rich, buy a cheap gear set, lets say 500k or 1million max, and see how far you can progress in inferno with it

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How to Farm Inferno Act 2 as a Barbarian – The Crop Duster Build

So there are tons of nerd out there screaming “wah wah wah, inferno is too hard for us barbarians, where’s the love blizz?!”

Well I am a barbarian, and while I don’t think they are too underpowered, I do think they could use a few tweaks for Inferno.

BUT! I have discovered a build utilizing sprint with the tornado rune which actually works very well for Inferno magic finding / farming in Act 2.

Here is a video of a barb with only “OK” gear, not the best, farming act 2 fast and easily, with the crop duster build.

The build is –!ZYf!cZaZca

It is kind of a Lawlz build, but if it works and your getting the phat loots, then whatever bro!

I dub this build – the Barbarian Crop Duster Inferno Farming Build

Enjoy fellow nerds!