How to Play the RMAH in DIablo 3 and Make Bank!

If you are trying to bring in some extra income from Diablo 3, then you have come to the right place!

Today I will show you a very simple and to most, common knowledge way of making profit on Diablo 3 RMAH.

The market for Gold fluctuates very heavily on the RMAH.  At this very moment it is about .70 cents per million.  Yes that is pretty cheap compared to the 2.50 it used to be, but that isn’t the point.  What we want to do is first either have a a lot of gold from farming, or either invest some money into your balance to play with.  Now, you need to monitor the prices of gold on the real money auction house.

Here is what I have gathered – Gold seems to DECREASE on the weekends(this weekend it dropped to .55 cents a million) and INCREASE during the week!  The market also goes up when new things come out, cough*patch 1.0.5* cough.

So, in the general sense of economics, you can BUY LOW / SELL HIGH!  If you have 100 million gold, you buy it for 55 dollars on Saturday, then wait until Wednesday, and sell for .80 cents a million.

You just made 25 dollars! You can keep doing this and upscale your operation, or cash out once you feel good about yourself.

This is just a general tip, but if you use your head, you too can be a b b b baller in the game of Diablo 3, or life if you want to cash it out!!

Hope this was semi helpful, and let me know what ya think and if it works out for you.

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