Fastest Way To Get A New Blog Indexed on Google

Starting a new blog is a great way to create a presence online, especially if you’re thinking about venturing into Internet marketing. Once your blog is up, you need to fill it up with great content to attract traffic, and then the money will start flowing in too. But that’s not all you can do to attract traffic. You can index your new blog on Google and other major search engines and you can also increase your blog’s Google rank.

Let’s assume you set up a new blog today and you want Google to rank it tomorrow; is this achievable? The short answer is yes.

The fastest way to get your new blog indexed by Google is to get talked about by popular blogs. This is sure to get your blog indexed within hours. However, you’re not going to find many established blogs that are willing to talk about a newly set up blog. So, you have to get a little more creative and come up with ways of getting your blog indexed.

One thing you want to do soon as your blog is up is to register your log with blog communities. There are a couple of blog community portals that particularly have excellent Google rankings, such as MyBlogLog, Blogged, BlogCatalog, and more. Once your new blog is listed on these portals, then Google will just have to index it. A few key things to put emphasis on include the description, tags and keywords, branding and the category in which to list your blog.

You will also want to carry out a valuation of your blog using a valuation and stats website. These websites typically have good reputation with search engines. All you’re required to do is to visit one such website and check your blog’s worth. Doing this gives your blog a special stats page that will get it indexed by Google. Consider sites like StatBrain, CubeStat, Website Outlook, among others.

Another thing you cannot afford to ignore is to submit your blog’s feed in feed aggregators, including FeedAdage, OctoFinder, and Feed-Squirrel, among others. These sites basically track and index your new posts that are published on your blog. You get free traffic when users click on a post title on these sites as they are redirected to your block. In turn, your new posts get indexed by Google.

Make use of social networking sites. Just make sure that you register on these sites using your blog’s URL as your username, paying attention to targeted keywords. Using a keyword-username on social sites is sure to get your blog indexed faster by Google and will also help to augment your brand in the long run.

Finally, consider posting content to misc sites (such as Squidoo), provided it is related to your blog’s niche. Make sure you include your blogs feed on the content page.

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