Good Games to Play When Bored of Your Main Game

I will say this with much confidence that everyone gets a little burnt out of any main game they focus all their attention on.  The issue is that sometimes its even harder to find enjoyment from another game, because there is a hole of pwn met by your previous main game which just can’t be filled.  Well I am going to do my best to help you with a list of good games for different genres which will give you the much needed break from your main game!

RTS Games!

1. Starcraft 2

2. Warcraft 3 + Expansion (a lil old school but awesome fun!)

3. Age of Empires III or 2 + Expansion

4.Command and Conquer

FPS Games!

1. Counter Strike : Source or 1.6

2. Team Fortress 2 (free to play)

3. DayZ (Zombie Survival)

4. Battlefield 3

5. Call of Duty (Any of the most recent ones, for PC/P3/XBOX360)

INDIE Games!

1. Bastion (I

2. Trine 1 & 2

3. Vessel


1. World of Warcraft (But I am guessing this is the game you would like to not play ;P)

2. Star Wars The Old Republic

3. Guild Wars 2

MOBA Games!

1. Dota 2

2. League of Legends

3. Heroes of Newerth

RPG Games!

1. Diablo 3(eh dungeon crawler RPG)

2. Skyrim

3. Fallout (3 & New Vegas + Expansions)

4. The Witcher 2

I know there are a trillion more games, but here are some good games which are quality made and you will get your money out of.  Hope this list of games helped you decide what to play when bored of Diablo 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, or whatever else you’ve been playing too much.

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Bastion Desktop Wallpapers

Here are some Bastion Wallpapers for fans of the game, Bastion! Enjoy!

Team Solo Mid – Back on Top in 2012

Team Solo Mid, Aka, TSM have just won another huge event!

All of the best named teams where there, like EG, Curse, FNATIC, Dignitas, Counter Logic Gaming and many others.

Biggest reason that TSM *COULD* have won is that their new solo top player was playing,

and this is his biggest, and I believe 2nd, t0urnament as an official member.

Who is the new  solo mid top player ?

You don’t know?

Its – ” Dyrus ! Sleepy Dyrus ! Pillow Dyrus ! “

It is up for debate as to why they won as they also recently acquired a ” life coach “.
We will see how they do at the next tournament but I think they did what they needed to do to
silence any haters by winning this most recent league of legends tournament.

Hecarim, the Shadow of War – Build, Guide, and Information

Hecarim - Coming to slay the noobs!
Hecarim – Coming to slay the noobs!

Hecarim is the newest upcoming addition to the League of Legends store!

If you’ve been clamoring to add more heavy cavalry to your League of Legends lineup, Hecarim, the Shadow of War has arrived to help you round out your roster. This high mobility fighter features excellent ganking and initiation potential, giving him great flexibility throughout the game. And what’s more, he’s a massive centaur with a host of ghost cavalry ready to trample his opponents under hoof!

So to help deliver your spectral warlord into the fray, Hecarim also boasts a compliment of abilities tailored to allowing him to move at frightening speeds and close distance rapidly. Devastating Charge gives Hecarim a short boost of movement speed to initiate a fight, chase down a fleeing enemy, or even escape when a battle goes south. His Onslaught of Shadows ability can serve to disrupt the enemy ranks in a team fight as well as land Hecarim in prime position to begin laying down heavy area of effect damage. Meanwhile, his Warpath passive gives him a little extra punch for each point of Movement Speed item you acquire, making some of the speedier items into more attractive choices.

The Effects of Adderall and Its Place in Professional Gaming

What is Adderall?Adderall is actually an extremely popular drug in the United States. It is used to increase concentration and is widely known to be used primarily by college students, but is still used by adults and children down to low ages of 6 or 7. Adderall is basically a legal speed, increasing your heart rate, can stay up all night, and can curve your appetite for almost as long as you are taking it.
The use of Adderall in Professional Gaming is something I think can stir up some debate between gamers. I have read a thread on a StarCraft 2 forum which confirmed that there are professional SC2 players who actively take this medication. I personally was on this medication for about 6 months and will explain my experiences with the substance.
The first question I think most people will have is, does it work to increase video gaming skills?

Easy answer, YES, Adderall works perfectly for gaming, just be prepared to game for 10 hours non-stop, not kidding.

At first when I began taking Adderall it was a God send. I never had a desire to stop playing, and at the time was playing League of Legends, so I would play for a solid 10 hours a night or so. Basically I get home at 7, and play until 4 or 5 am. This was my NORMAL schedule while taking Adderall, for MONTHS! This was not healthy for me, and I will say I took slightly more than the normal dose on occasion, but I was not abusing it.
Adderall makes you feel alert, quick, responsive, and talkative and all of these things are necessary when playing League of Legends and StarCraft 2 on a professional level. So with that being said, do I think it is fair for Pro gamers to use it, mainly for LAN tournaments etc.
I would say: YES I think it is okay for Pro gamers to take Adderall ONLY if they were previously subscribed it or actually need it to function and not just to increase winning chances, like a steroid, in a video game. It has legitimate uses for people, myself being on computers all day, it really helped my productivity in my job, but after extended use it wore my brain out physically from never taking a break from it.
So final comment, Adderall is awesome, but it is a controlled substance and can be deadly. and It is harmful to the mental state of many people who take it for extended periods of time, so use caution and don’t abuse it, remember to take breaks and you should be good to go!

How to get better at League of Legends?

How to get better at League of Legends?


As many of you obviously know, MOBA (Massive Online Battle Arena) games have gotten huge since the release of the original DOTA (Defense Against the Ancients) on the WC3 custom game client.  The biggest MOBA game currently is League of Legends, followed by DOTA2 and HON.

With the influx of popularity more and more people are trying to better themselves and their skills in lol, hence asking the question ” How to get better at League of Legends?”.   Really, the concept and game are fairly simple as the controls are only left / right mouse and Q W E R skill buttons.  What people don’t realize until later is that the hard part is strategy and teamwork.  You can only carry your team so far unless you are super crazy fed or it is still semi-early/mid game.

Here are my personal tips on how to get better, consistently, at League of Legends.

Map Awareness – I decided to put this point first and foremost because it is what I think many people overlook.


‘You are bot lane farming against another AD + SUPPORT Meta combo, both lanes seem even, 4 minutes in and still no gank from, or spotting of, the enemy jungler.’

Noobs – Continue to farm even at half health, usually pushing their lane up towards the enemy’s tower and then get ganked shortly after. How to get better at League of Legends? Look@Proz.

Pros – Would check bush (*IF YOU HAVE 75% HP ATLEAST) with their lane partner, so that they don’t face check the enemy’s jungler and get instakilled.  If health is too low to check bush, then someone, support usually, needs to go back and get a ward and place it into the shrubby bush in river, and maybe even another above bottom tower, this needs to continue to happen all game, or at least until the laning phase is over.

With the wards in place, and map awareness, it is literally almost impossible to die early by a gank.  The ward will spot the gank with plenty of time for you to run back to the tower.

Teamwork and Communication – People need to remember that this is a team game, how many games end for you by the 15 or 20 minute mark? Probably about 5 – 10%, so you can see where the “team fight” part of the game comes into play.  DON’T RAGE AT YOUR OWN TEAM! Suggest something they can improve or try not to let happen again, but don’t belittle them for a clicking in a few wrong spots, you have done the same thing, and I’m sure have been yelled at before.  No excuses, if you want to win, try to win, be a leader, and get the team feeling like a team with friendliness and helpfulness.  You can argue this point all you want, but has anyone yelling at you, or calling you a newbie or troll made you want to play better? That’s what I figured…

Champions – Champions are a fine line between getting better and just getting experience.  The most I can say here is try to counter-pick the enemy team at champion select.  If you are still semi-new and don’t play any ranked yet here is my suggestion.  When you play ranked there are usually the same group of characters picked, at least MOST of the time for the current meta game of Solo top(tanky dps), AP mid, Jungler, and then support and ranged AD bottom.   Most of these characters can be counter by another character.  You need to learn who counters who (or just Google the matchup while waiting, if you know what lane you are in and versus who) and this will help out your laning phase really good.  There is one catch to this, and that is you need to be able to play the character semi-well.  If you are still leveling up, playing a lot of normal games or maybe just trying to find the champions you like and want to call your mains, then you need to learn some good champions now!    Good Champions aren’t “SHACO’S SO OP ZOMG NERF” champions; good champions are ones who bring the most to the synergies of the team composition.  Do a search for “League of Legends Champion Tier List”; learn two or three of each of the top tier champions, of each role

Examples –

Support ChampionsSona, Soraka, Alistar, Janna

Jungle ChampionsMaokia, Gangplank, Lee Sin, Jarvan

Mid ChampionsAhri, Fizz, Morgana

Top ChampionsIrelia, Yorick, Riven, Shen

Ranged AD ChampionsAshe, Miss Fortune, Graves, Caitlyn, Corki


Last Hitting – Last hit, don’t push your lane up to the enemy’s tower unless you can’t help it, example being, Mordkeiser.  There are multiple reasons for doing this.  One reason is that your lane is now unable to be ganked, and you are more likely to be ganked, because you have to run twice as far to be in a safety zone, aka your tower.  Another reason is that you are enabling the other team to farm and get experience points.   I will break this down a bit further.  If you are winning your lane and the opponent is unable to last hit without risking death or punishment in the form of harassment, then DO NOT PUSH! If you don’t push you can last hit and keep the minions in the middle of the lane in front of river, and if you stand between their minions and their tower, well you just denied them all the possible last hits, and you also denied them the XP because they are out of range.   This advantage gets huge the longer it goes on.


TL:DR Version

  1. Ward your OWN lane early game, unless jungler, then ward what is needed
  2. Pay attention to the map, always have a good idea of where ALL FIVE of the enemy team members are, and think of what their skills will do CC wise if they catch you and if you will survive.
  3. If you are still learning champions, pick good ones to learn, aka top 1/2/3 tier champions.
  4. In champion select, try to out pick the enemy team, if you don’t know what your laning opponent is weak against, then Google… “Best champions to lane %top% against %enemy champion%”.
  5. Act as if your team is next to you at a tournament, be nice and helpful.  You can tell them what they did wrong but do it constructively, or else they will just give up on the game just to make sure you lose because you called them a noob and who knows what else.  If someone called you a noob and raged at you for getting caught 1v2 top against two ranged as a melee, most likely you would laugh to yourself and then troll the rest of the game, or at least not help the rude person once team fights come around, which usually makes for a swift defeat.
  6. Last Hit, don’t push your lanes past river towards the enemy tower.

What is a Good Creep Score in League of Legends?

514 Creep Score at 55 Minutes

514 Creep Score at 55 Minutes

League of Legends is an awesome game, so awesome that most people strive to improve their game play.

What is the best way to get better at LoL? Creep Score / Farming Minions

Items are what make you better than your opponent, and the only way to do that consistently, is to farm creeps consistently.   You can go for a lot of ganks, and sometimes snowball, but other times the gank fails, and you die.

What are the negatives of dying? Well, for one you probably were not in your lane so you missed creeps, you gave the enemy team assist gold and the player who killed you almost a full items worth of gold.  The time you spend at the fountain and dead are all hurting your creep score, hence, putting you even more behind.  You can see how this will add up over a few deaths, and while you might think that the rager on your team is just a rager, usually they are semi-right in what they are saying, but need some communication lessons.

What is a good creep score at 10 minutes? The normal standard is 10 CS every minute.

Okay so that number seems unrealistic in certain game scenarios, but by knowing that number you will know where you stand at every point in the game.

Another good way to tell how you are doing is to hit tab and check your lane opponents creep score.  Are you above your enemy’s cs? Then you are doing fine (as long as you aren’t 0-5 to his 5-0).

That really is all there is to say about creep score in league of legends, please discuss any other points you would like to add!