New Custom League of Legend Wallpapers in 1080p High Deff by SELACK

Here are some more great League of Legend Wallpapers which I thought were very polished and well done.

Props go to SELACK for creating them, they are beautiful and I hope he continues to make great LOL Wallpapers!

They are all in 1080p and super high definition!

Acolyte Lee Sin Wallpaper League of Legends

Ezreal Wallpaper League of Legends 1080p High Deff

Volibear 1080p Wallpaper League of Legends

Zed Wallpaper League of Legends

Ziggs LOL Wallpaper

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League of Legends Wallpapers MEGA Post

Here is another great MEGA post of…

League of Legends Wallpapers

*I do not own, nor did I create these images, and most have the original creators names at the bottom*


Bastion Desktop Wallpapers

Here are some Bastion Wallpapers for fans of the game, Bastion! Enjoy!

League of Legends Desktop Background Wallpapers

League of Legends WallpaperCustom Nunu League of Legends Background

Pulsefire Trundle Desktop Background Akali Custom LoL Background WallpaperJanna LoL Wallpaper Background

Sick LoL Janna Wallpaper