TheLittleNerd’s Pro-Tips for Diablo 3 – Become a D3 Pwner of the Noobs!


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Here are some Pro-Tips for Diablo 3 to Hopefully Help you Learn a Few New Things if you are New to the Diablo Series!

1. To Attack in Place, Hold Shift and left click, this is great if you can kite as a wizard, or demon hunter etc..

2. When you kill a main boss, you get a stack of magic find, these stacks keep stacking after every main boss, UNLESS you change a skill, then it resets.

3. While magic finding, or just playing, if you see an awesome chest,  for example Resplendid is the rarest chest, DON’T OPEN IT YET! You should clear the area, collect the boss stacks if you have time, and throw on as much magic find gear as possible and then come open up the chest for Phat Loots like Cha-Ching!! $$ DOLLA DOLLA GOLD YALL!!!

4. You don’t have to play through every act to progress, in Diablo, levels are really the least important thing as you can get to 60 in under 24 hours if you try.

5. There is a huge online trading community called D2JSP . ORG – USE THESE FORUMS! You can find people to rush you, power level you, open anything for you, give you any way point, it’s a great trading and service community.

6. Making money from the real money auction house is going to be slightly tougher than expected, to at least make decent money, if you plan to do this, please look into getting a gold guide, as what is a 15-30 dollar investment if you make it back in a day, instead of hustling stupid methods, wasting your time, which I personally value my time highly, I would rather pay someone a little money than waste hours of my life testing to find something that works.  Sometime outsourcing is key, with not just Diablo 3, but in life.

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