How to Powerlevel in Diablo 3 the Fastest Way – Updated for 2013

               Diablo 3 has started to normalize since the release over a year ago.  I have written many guides but they all seem to get outdated within a few months.  Here is something that I believe will basically stand the test of time for Diablo 3.

                Diablo 2 was this way.  Everyone who started a new character knew how to powerlevel it in the fastest way possible.  I was starting to wonder if D3 would ever get this “set path” of power leveling like its previous release of Diablo 2.  I believe we have a fast power leveling method!

Here is the Best Power leveling Method for Diablo 3 in Patch 1.07

  1. Have a high level character run you through normal Whimsyshire until you can go to nightmare.
  2. Have high level character run you through Act 3 The Keep Depths nightmare & hell

Okay that was too easy, but that is it.  Those 2 places and 3 difficult, while on monster power 10, will yield crazy fast leveling times.

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