Best in Slot Gear Guide for Demon Hunter – Updated for Patch 1.0.3

The Previous Best in Slot for Demon Hunter guide posted on here, with original credit to ACE from the D3 forums, is a little out dated since the 1.0.3 patch and attack speed nerf bat.  Here is an updated list for BiS gears for a demon hunter, with updated stat priority.

Good Resources

DPS Calculator –

Check How Your Own Stats Scale –

Stat Priority on Gear – (Aiming for best possible damage with ‘ok’ survivability )

Critical Hit Chance -> Attack Speed -> Critical Hit Damage -> Dexterity -> +Damage


IAS and ASI are different on legendaries.  Currently only IAS is broken on legendaries, but is supposed to be fixed by patch 1.0.4.  

(IAS = Increases attack speed / ASI = Attack speed increased)


Now for the Gear list!

BiS Demon Hunter Helm

1. Andariel’s Visage

2. Mempo of Twilight

3. Natalya’s Gaze

4. Appropriate rare

BiS Demon Hunter Shoulders

1. Seven Sins

2. Appropriate rare


BiS Demon Hunter Chest

1. Tyrael’s Might

2. Natalya’s Shadow

3. The Inquisitor

3. Beckon Sail

BiS Demon Hunter Bracers/Wrists

1. Appropriate rare

2. Strongarm Bracers

3. Lacuni Prowlers


BiS Demon Hunter Gloves

1. Appropriate rare

2. Immortal King’s Forge

3. Sage’s Grasp

BiS Demon Hunter Belt/Waist

1. Appropriate rare

2. Hellcat’s Waist guard

3. Inna’s Blessing

BiS Demon Hunter Pants

1. Appropriate rare

2. Inna’s Glory

BiS Demon Hunter Boots

1. Zunimassa’s Journey

2. Natalya’s Soul

3. Appropriate rare

4. Asheara’s Lock

5. Boj Anglers

6. Ice Climbers

BiS Demon Hunter Amulet

1. Ouroboros

2. Appropriate rare

3. The Flavor of Time

BiS Demon Hunter Rings

1. Skull Grasp

2. Natalya’s Mark

3. Appropriate rare

4. Eternal Union

5. Appropriate Rare

BiS Demon Hunter Quiver

1. Dead Man’s Legacy

2. Black Bone Arrows

3. Appropriate rare

I don’t feel this list needs explanation about what stats you should get on the legendary/set items above, as you can reference to the stat priority list above at the top of the post.  The credit for the item list goes to Samfisher and others from the D3 forums.

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