How to Power Level in Diablo 3 – 50 to 60 in 10 hours

Sup my Nerd Brothas!

Once again bout to hit you up with some truth about the best way to power level in Diablo 3!

*********THIS HAS BEEN HOT FIXED AS OF TODAY 5-25-2012 – IT NOW ONLY GIVES 9.8k XP*******************

With the method I am about to share with you, you can get about a level an hour from level 50-60, but can almost be used at lower levels with good results also!

Things to note before I tell you the method

1. In Diablo 3 all experience is STATIC, meaning it doesn’t change.  So for example if you are killing a level 30 nightmare monster, in a single player group, you will still get the same amount of XP points as if you were in a four man and level 60. This creates a chance for many good power leveling strategies to emerge eventually.

2. It is personal prefference, and I do this about every other run, but instead of clearing all the way to the boss, you can try to just run all the way there, it isn’t too hard and actually save so much time and you will get much better XP per hour this way.  The downside to this is that there are a lot of great monster spawns on the way, so if you are new,or the game is still new, it may be worth it to kill the mobs.

Okay enough with that stuff, down to business, we all wanna know the best way to power level in Diablo 3 TLN!

Here is the best Diablo 3 power leveling strategy currently available!

1. Start a new game in nightmare difficulty

2. Take the way point to the last on the list, and closet to Azmodan

3. Either kill the mobs, or run, as talked about above.

4. Kill Azmodan (+44k xp for quest, 13k xp for kill)

5. Town portal (T hot key) back to town, talk to quest giver, run to armory, up the stairs.

6. Complete the event and quest for another easy 44k

7. Travel through the portal, you will come upon Act 4 , boss one, kill him.  This kill gives you 44k more xp.

8.  Leave the game after collecting loots and successfully completing quest.

All in all the D3 power leveling run takes about 5-7 minutes, and grants an AWESOME 150kish XP per run.

Now do the math, oh yeah, I see that smile on your devious little face. 

***Hope that was clear enough for everyone, just rinse and repeat until 60 or until you are about to die from boredom from doing the same 3 quests for 10 hours!***

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