Little Things You Should Know About the New Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5

Monster Power must be enabled.

  • Options > Gameplay > Bottom right option under “Interface”
  • Once enabled, you will choose the MP level when picking your starting quest.

Leave your group, retain your stacks

  • If you play in a group, you can now leave the game for a short time and keep your NV stacks. I want to say 5 minutes. As long as someone from your party keeps the game “active”, you can rejoin. This is amazing for posting a fast auction, losing connection, etc.
  • When you disconnect from a game and want to go solo, be sure to right click your character and choose “leave party”. Or else you’ll just keep joining the same game.

Watch Tower has been moved.

  • “The Watch Tower spawn has been moved from the Northern Highlands to the Southern Highlands”
  • The Watch Tower has also been changed. It now has a full size first floor and it seems like the number of elites has been lowered

Easily search for similar items on the auction house

  • When inside the auction house, right click the item you want to sell and choose the find similar option. This will preload your stats into the search fields for you.

Stay tuned for more new features!

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Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.4 Legendary Items and Other Improvements – Reviving D3

The time has come, well almost, for what will hopefully be a population re-builder for blizzard’s Diablo 3 and that is Patch 1.0.4!

Yes, I am speaking of patch 1.0.4, which lowers difficultly, improves group play, and most importantly, gives legendaries some real stats, and unique stats at that!

 They have improved just about all of the crappy legendaries, and left a few untouched, for example helm of command.  Many of the items now have visual stats, and monster affixes, like fire chains, or a percent to a certain skill damage to make niche builds more common.

D3 Legendary Items Old and New

There will also be new sets, names, and many items in sets and legendaries are going to ilvl 63 from 61 or 62.  A big weapon change will also be that ilvl 61 & 62 weapons can roll ilvl 63 dps, but just not as many stats as the pure ilvl63s.

                This patch will hopefully revive the game for many people, myself included, and even most of the top hardcore players have fallen off out of boredom as of late.  Let’s hope this can be a great patch with much more to come in the future, because I want to love it I do, make me love it blizzard!

You can read more about the Legendary item changes @