Diablo 3 Dueling & PVP System FAQ

The time has finally come, the D3 PVP dueling patch, is on the public test realms currently.  It will be implemented into the live servers within the next month.  It only took them, I don’t know, a year and change to do it.  Enough of the complaints though! Here is all the information you need about the new PVP system in Diablo 3.

How to duel someone in Diablo 3?  Well you need to go to the PVP zone.

How do you get to the PVP zone? You talk to Nek the Brawler.

Where is Nek the Brawler?  Nek the Brawler is located in New Tristam.

How many people can the new D3 zone support? The new PVP zone can support 2-4 players at once, and is a free for all.

There are four different areas in the PVP zone, which is called Scorched Chapel.  The areas are the church, the river, the lake and the graveyard.

If you die in the dueling world, you resurrect in the same zone.

Death is not permanent for hardcore characters (nor  soft core obviously)

You will not take durability damage while in the PVP zone, which is good because if you get in there with TLN you will be dying, A LOT. ;)

The point of the dueling system is basically for fun and bragging right between friends currently.  Blizzard has stated they didn’t want it to be an E-Sport more of just a fun event and something to do.  Honestly, it will be like Diablo 2’s PVP system, but with less people and a little bit more control.   Balls to the wall and no holds barred.


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