How to Easily Make Money from RMAH in Diablo 3

Recently I have been toying around with ways to make money from the real money auction house in D3.  Just like the normal gold auction house it can be frustrating to list 10 items, to only realize a few hours later that they aren’t going to sell and you have to wait another day and a half.  After some trial and error I think I’ve found a way to make *at least* 5-10 dollars a day if you try.  Which obviously depends on random number generator etc., but on average I do believe this is very possible, even for the casual 1-2 hour a day gamer.

How to make the real cash money!? Tell us please little nerd!

Well, what I have been doing is crafting +5 (and even +4 would somewhat work but the odds are more against you with the +4 stats) stat armor with my crafting character.  I’ve only made boots/chest/helms so far, but I have had a few that have sold for 9.99, and other items which I underprice and just list for 1.99 – 4.99.  You can buy most +5 stat recipes from the gold auction house for 250-500k gold, which isn’t really too much compared to the 20-30 million gold recipes for +6 stats.  A stack of 100 inferno essences are about 180k last time I checked, and tombs / tears are very cheap(like 15k for 100ish).

Totals – (just average estimates)

100 x Inferno Essences -180kish

Tombs x 1– 500ish each

Tears x 1 (rare inferno mats) – 500ish each

Average +5 stat crafting prices – 40kish

Average gold spent per item is about 100kish

Now, I am not breaking down the gold exactly, you can do that on your own since this guide will be around a while and the auction house prices will drop, so check for yourself to price it out.

So, to make a profit you will need to gross over 100k per item, which obviously is a gamble, but here is where my point comes in.  Instead of farming all day, hoping for one good item to sell on the RMAH, you can just invest a little bit of gold, and out of say a million gold you invest (which really isn’t much), you can have 10-15ish pairs of boots.  Out of those boots, AT LEAST 2-5 will be good and able to sell on the RMAH.

Final Point – Instead of farming for hours to find items to sell on RMAH, Craft items with the abundant gold you have, and then sell for mediocre prices on the RMAH.  It’s quicker than farming, you almost ALWAYS get your money back, by gold or real money, and the only thing you need to have is about 1 million gold and a decent recipe/max level 10 crafter.

This guide is really aimed at people who are trying to make cash and money from diablo 3, and not people who are trying to turn a profit with items on the gold Auction House.  You can defiantly still get good profits most the time but this is for the RMAH.   Sorry for repeating myself, I know this guide is vague but I believe you can use this method to make the fastest cash on the Real Money Auction House.

I will soon either update this post, or make a new one with some items that I’ve crafted, sold for real money, and how much gold I spent to roll that item.  I will include pictures so you can believe me and hopefully figure out your niche to make a few extra bucks a day/month, as I’m sure we could all use it.

Hope this guide was somewhat helpful, and have a great day! – Boot Danger / TLN

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