How to Farm Inferno Act 2 as a Barbarian – The Crop Duster Build

So there are tons of nerd out there screaming “wah wah wah, inferno is too hard for us barbarians, where’s the love blizz?!”

Well I am a barbarian, and while I don’t think they are too underpowered, I do think they could use a few tweaks for Inferno.

BUT! I have discovered a build utilizing sprint with the tornado rune which actually works very well for Inferno magic finding / farming in Act 2.

Here is a video of a barb with only “OK” gear, not the best, farming act 2 fast and easily, with the crop duster build.

The build is –!ZYf!cZaZca

It is kind of a Lawlz build, but if it works and your getting the phat loots, then whatever bro!

I dub this build – the Barbarian Crop Duster Inferno Farming Build

Enjoy fellow nerds!

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