How to Open Diablo 3 Secret Unicorn and Rainbow Level

Hey there , my fellow little D3 pwnin nerds! Want to know How to Open Diablo 3 Secret Unicorn and Rainbow Level!?

(Act 1) Black Mushroom – located in a patch of mushrooms that occasionally spawn on level 1 of the Cathedral (screenshot)

Easiest path: go back through leorics passage (the one cain opens) via the waypoint.

(Act 1) Leoric’s Shinbone – found occasionally in the fireplace of Leoric’s Manor From the entrance to the manor, walk forward to the staircase, and hang a right. The room with the fireplace is on the first floor on the right side. If the shinbone is present, there will be logs in the fireplace. Click the logs to get the bone.

Easiest path: Go back through Leorics manor via the waypoint.

(Act 2) Wirt’s Bell – can be purchased from a vendor in Act 2 for 100,000 gold

Easiest path: Load up the last quest for act 2 then TP back to town, the girl will be up next to the usual pedlar.

(Act 2) Liquid Rainbow – can be found in a Mysterious Cave (random dungeon) in Dahlgur Oasis. From the waypoint “Path to the Oasis,” travel southeast then look along the south wall. Zaven the Alchemist may be here, and if so you can save him to access the cave. The item is in a the “Mysterious Chest” which also may not spawn, even if you’re in the right dungeon.

Easiest path: run straight east then along the south wall until you find the small hollow with a closed entrance on the west wall.

(Act 3) Gibbering Gemstone – drop from Chiltara (a purple monster that may not spawn) in the Caverns of Frost, a random dungeon that may or may not appear in the Fields of Slaughter. If you see the Ice caverns spawn, you need to retry until you get the Caverns of Frost.

Easiest path: The caves spawn in 2 places near the bridge waypoint (load up siegebreaker mission) run directly north 1 screen and there’ll be either – blank patch of black stuff, one of the weapons destroyed, hell rift in the ground, cave. If it isn’t in this spot head directly left/west for 2 screens and you’ll find another randomly changing spot here. If you don’t find in either of these points, reload.

(Act 4) Plans for the Staff of Herding – random drop from Izual

Easiest path: Start the prime evil quest, as a monk who had already finished normal I just ran through the map to get to the Izual fight using speed and stuns to stop monsters who were following me.


  • Cost for Blacksmith to make it is 50k
  • It can only be used in normal mode initially
  • Plans to upgrade it can be bought off the quartermaster in act 3 of inferno and then hell (load the prime evil quest then teleport back) for 1g
  • Upgrade cost is 200k for inferno, 500k? for hell.
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Diablo 3: New Tristram

The dark and foul place that once caged Deckard Cain prisoner is making its return for Diablo 3!


“New Tristram is a town in central Khanduras which was built near the ruins of Old Tristram. It was founded by merchants in an unknown year after the events of Diablo II to capitalize on the popularity of the legends and folklore of the Cathedral of Old Tristram. People slowly settled down and built a town. After the Cathedral was plundered, people lost interest and the town fell into decline.”

Diablo 3 New Tristam

Tristram Lore

We have all heard the tales associated with Tristram. The very mention of its name brings to mind images of undead monstrosities, demonic possession, “King Leoric” monarchy driven to lunacy, and, of course, the greatest legend of all – the Lord of Terror unleashed. Although many now claim that a peculiar mold upon the bread or perhaps a fouling of the water drove the populace mad with visions, I have seen too much in my varied travels to dismiss such stories out of hand. It is within this context, then, that I have to say my journey to what is now called “New Tristram” was somewhat of a disappointment. New Tristram has been in existence for several years, though the exact date of its founding is unclear. Originally simply a collection of merchants looking to profit on adventurers and travelers drawn by legends of riches within the old cathedral, it slowly set down roots and became an established town. As soon as the cathedral was looted bare, however, the adventurers and travelers stopped coming, and New Tristram found itself in decline. The town is now comprised mostly of depressing shacks; the inn is the only building that looks even the least bit habitable. Before I took my leave of this dreary place, I was cornered by Deckard Cain an eccentric old man who seemed to have an endless supply of anecdotes and folksy wisdom to impart. He went on about there still being much of value deep within the cathedral in the form of tomes of ancient origin and wisdom. I will have to take his word for it, for I must admit that while I did explore the burnt remains of the “old” Tristram, I lacked the intestinal fortitude to do much more than take a few hesitating steps within that infamous cathedral of legend.