How to own in Nuketown 2025 in Black Ops 2

Nuketown 2025 may be my favorite part of the new Call of Duty game, Black Ops 2. 

I am very impressed that the designers decided to make it have it’s own game mode also.  24/7 Nuketown weekend had HUGE success in the first installment of the Black Ops game so I guess they took some notes.

After playing hours and hours of Nuke Town in the first and second black ops, I have learned a few simple tips to do very well almost every game.   Here are some tips to own on Nuketown.

  1. Be aggressive.   The map is so small that the aggressors usually win.  You can try to camp and take it slow, but after a few kills, any good player will just spam nade your camping spot.
  2. I like to use a SMG on this map ALL THE TIME.  SMG’s seem to have the fastest rate of fire, and are made for smaller areas as there range isn’t the best.  I guess this doesn’t really matter, but I always do the best with the SMGs because of my aggressive play style.
  3. If you can stay behind/in the middle of the busses in the middle, you can usually outplay everyone and get good kill streaks if you are smart and cover both your flanks.
  4. NADE NADE NADE.  DO THIS! I honestly just usually throw both of my grenades away at the early start of my respawn so I don’t get distracted with them later.  I usually get multiple kills a game with just throwing them where I think the enemy is off the bat.
  5. When you are in one of the two houses at the windows, don’t stand directly in the window, stand to the side so you can’t be seen by everyone, only the people who come into your path of fire, giving you the advantage every time.
  6. Lay some mines or whatever defensive item you have at the door up from the stairs so you don’t get knifed while in the house.
  7. If an enemy has a massive kill streak reward and everyone is getting slaughtered when they spawn, camp inside the house until it is over!!

Honestly these tips are very minor and most players who have played a while should know this stuff like second nature, but there are a few, and I know this because I slay them in Nuke Town every day, who could use this information.  I hope it was helpful, don’t get upset or frustrated just try to get better!

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How to level fast in Call of Duty Black OPS 2

With COD Black OPS 2, the leveling process is much like that of the previous franchises Call of Duty games.  You level from getting kills, objectives, kill streaks, and challenges.  Obviously the best way to level will be to just play the game, but the better you are, and the more kills you get, basically boils down to how fast you will level.  You can confirm this by just playing with a few friends who are much better than you.  If you really want to know the best modes for leveling the most efficiently, here they are.

  1. Kill Confirmed – This mode is great, fast paced, and you get more points for grabbing the dog tags and the denied kill dog tags.  This adds up fast and IMO is the best mode for leveling fast in black ops 2.
  2. If you are good, and consistent, search and destroy can grant a lot of XP, but you HAVE to get kills or you are better off basically playing any game mode.
  3. Ground War – I like ground war a lot, but it fits my play style and most games I get atleast 15 or 20 kills so the XP comes in pretty fast, and in turn helps me get challenges done faster.

All in all, to level fast, play what you are good at, and stop reading so much and just play the game man! Game after game after game after game!! Enjoy and have fun with the game and the levels will come, and if you want to beat your friends, then just stay up later than they do :P.  Goodluck my nerd bros.


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How to get Black Ops 2 Nuke Town Zombie Map

If you were like me, and super stoked for the Nuke Town Black Ops 2 Zombie Map, well, here is some unfortunate news for some people.

In order to get this nuke town zombie map, you have to buy the Hardened Edition of Call of Duty Black Ops 2.

For much of us it is too late, but hopefully some stores will still carry it.  This is one of the main reasons I wanted the new Black ops 2, and now, despite the increased price for one map, 20 extra dollars -_- … I might not even be able to play it at all until they hopefully release it for the PSN or 360 store.


O well – I will still get it, and pwn it, and the zombies, but it’s somewhat lame to me that they put in things like this, and I have lost respect for them and their money hungry ways…

New Features in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

New Features in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

A lot has been said about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black ops 2 video game (COD) for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Unsurprisingly, this time of year is well-known for rumor and speculation about what’s new and what’s changing in the next edition of everyone’s favorite video game. But this year, a lot of buzz is centered around the much anticipated COD Black Ops 2 game that’s due for release this November. In this article, we’ll carry on with the speculation about the new features in the game that critics have managed to glimpse at in the recently released launch trailer.

As you might be aware, a game’s launch trailer is the most venerated as it is what the publisher or developer uses to sell the game before critics write scalding reviews. COD has got just under a month to do that, having released the launch trailer just a month prior to the official release.

The setting for Black Ops 2 is 13 years away in 2015, and it’s here that the valiant heroes will tussle it out with terrorists that have taken over the very technological ordnance built by the U.S. government to protect its own citizens. At the same time, the Russian spook Viktor Reznov is plotting his own sinister moves. This and more startling set pieces are some of which you can look forward to in COD Black Ops 2, and it is testament that the game hasn’t lost its impeccable touch in crafting mind-blowing set pieces.

The New Features and Feature Upgrades

The first noticeable upgrade is the twist in the game’s story. Black Ops 2 features a future cold war that simply takes the story to another level, although the base gameplay remains intact.

Another huge shift from the previous COD games is the new Pick 10 system that’s replacing the loadout system. The new Pick 10 system provides for high customization where players will be able to select perks instead of sidearms, a main weapon with three add-ons, or any grouping of perks and weapons provided they total up to ten points.

The Prestige mechanic has also been noticeably altered. Previously, this was used for resetting weapon advancement and level for dedicated players, but it was a bit of a turn off for hardcore players. However, in Black Ops 2, weapon advancement and challenge are not reset, which will make it easier to explore new weapons and add-ons.

Other features include more elaborate facial detail, more sophisticated environmental textures, a playable David Mason (Son of Alex Mason), use of a live horse for full performance, more zombies and new zombie levels, and an improved narrative, among others.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be released on November 13th, 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3 , and PC.