Most Efficient Diablo 3 Paragon Experience Route for Inferno

Most Efficient Diablo 3 Paragon Experience Route for Inferno

Hey nerdz, if you are still playing D3 you may have heard of someone already hitting max level of 100 paragon in diablo 3.  His name is Alkaizer, and he is the first level 100 paragon for his class, which is a WW barbarian and the world.  He was streaming his runs for a while on the way to level 100 and here is his run.

With a good geared player, you can earn up to 50 million XP per hour and get about 10 million XP points per run.  Each run takes Akaizer about 15 minutes.

The Alk Run:

Start at the heart of sin check point at the core of arreat (clear core of arreat and exit before entering Azmodan fight) work backwards towards the checkpoint.

Tower of the Damned Level 1. (Run a circle back to the WP)

Arreat Crater Level 2. (Teleport to town)

Bridge of Korsaik. (Run a circle around the battlefield)

Keeps depth level 2 (use the level 1 WP)

Most any semi-geared player can finish the run in under 15 minutes with an exp yield of anywhere from 7m-10m /run depending on gear. It is twice as efficient as A3 clears.

As a decently geared WW barb, the alk run takes 10 minutes averages around 13 elites and 200k gold(P54) and yields 50M/hr exp anywhere from 5-10 63 loot. It is by far the most efficient run by a long shot.

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