Fasest Way to Level in Guild Wars 2

Recently I have been searching for the best possible way to level fast and solo in guild wars 2.  After some research this is what I have come up with!

  1. The fasest way to level is by doing the main quests, with any random events that pop up.
  2. When you are first starting out, low levels, like 1-30, you can go back and do all five starting zones for completion and very good experience points.
  3. WvWvW (World vs World) isn’t horrible for XP, but it is about half as effiecient, if that, of just PvE’ing and doing quests and random events that pop up.

You can also power level cooking, etc, the game is meant to be played.  There isn’t a cookie cutter run to level area yet, or at least that I can tell.  Most of “powerleveling” I’ve heard of or could think would be viable all need a good group to run with.

So honestly, if you want to level fast, do everything! Cut all trees down, do your dailies, follow your quests,  jump into every boss fight and random event you come across.  The dynamic events are the fastest way to get XP in guild wars 2, and I will stand by that for a while!

Hope that can help you a bit, stop reading this post, you are losing out on valuable XP points in GW2!

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