Top 5 Indie Games of 2012

This year I have played a lot of Indie games, so here is a list of what i think, are the best indie games of 2012.

1. Bastion – It may not have come out this year, but I love this game to death.  The voice narrating  was amazing, and the game play was fast and crisp.  It takes some good reflexes and is challenging, but also has a unlimited death mode so anyone can beast the game.  I will be replaying this game many more times.

2. Dust Force – Dust force is another fast reflexes game which has an amazing soundtrack and crisp controls and movement.  If you are looking for a challenging game I would check this one out.

3. Mark of the Ninja – A fun, stealth assassin indie game.  Kind of like a 2D Tenchu: The Stealth Assassin.  Great fun and a pretty long game playtime wise, defiantly worth a purchase and at least one beat.

4. Hotline Miami – This game is very vulgar and graphic, but the game pulls you in with a solid sound track and great game play. One of those games you have to beat in a few sittings because of how awesome it is.

5. Limbo – This indie game is so unique, the entire game is shades of black and white in 2D.  The puzzles are great and it can be beat in a few hours if you are smart enough to figure out all the puzzles. I want to play it right now actually.

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