Good Games to Play When Bored of Your Main Game

I will say this with much confidence that everyone gets a little burnt out of any main game they focus all their attention on.  The issue is that sometimes its even harder to find enjoyment from another game, because there is a hole of pwn met by your previous main game which just can’t be filled.  Well I am going to do my best to help you with a list of good games for different genres which will give you the much needed break from your main game!

RTS Games!

1. Starcraft 2

2. Warcraft 3 + Expansion (a lil old school but awesome fun!)

3. Age of Empires III or 2 + Expansion

4.Command and Conquer

FPS Games!

1. Counter Strike : Source or 1.6

2. Team Fortress 2 (free to play)

3. DayZ (Zombie Survival)

4. Battlefield 3

5. Call of Duty (Any of the most recent ones, for PC/P3/XBOX360)

INDIE Games!

1. Bastion (I

2. Trine 1 & 2

3. Vessel


1. World of Warcraft (But I am guessing this is the game you would like to not play ;P)

2. Star Wars The Old Republic

3. Guild Wars 2

MOBA Games!

1. Dota 2

2. League of Legends

3. Heroes of Newerth

RPG Games!

1. Diablo 3(eh dungeon crawler RPG)

2. Skyrim

3. Fallout (3 & New Vegas + Expansions)

4. The Witcher 2

I know there are a trillion more games, but here are some good games which are quality made and you will get your money out of.  Hope this list of games helped you decide what to play when bored of Diablo 2, League of Legends, Dota 2, World of Warcraft, or whatever else you’ve been playing too much.

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