Diablo 3 Monster Affixes for Nightmare, Hell and Inferno Monsters

When you are running nightmare, hell and inferno modes in D3, you really need to know what you are going up against, because sometimes those yellow rare mobs can pwn you, ez pz.

Here is the list of rare monster affixes which will explain in better detail what the rare monsters will do when you come across them while playing Diablo 3.

Arcane Enchanted – Monsters enchanted with Arcane Enchanted trait deal additional arcane damage and have the ability to summon orbs which fire rotating arcane beams

Avenger – When a Champion group imbued with Avenger arrives, the death of each group member imbues the remaining Champions with added power/size as they wreak their frenzied vengeance on the Hero

Desecrator – A monster with Desecrator trait creates a glowing void zone beneath the targeted hero that damages the hero. Desecration will activate a few seconds after it appears on the floor, giving you time to get out of the void zone. (Darksaiyan)

Electrified – A monster with the Electrified trait has higher lightning resistance, deals additional lightning damage and discharges sparks across the floor in random directions when stuck.

Extra Health – This trait bestows the imbued monster with extra HP

Fast – This makes monsters run, attack and cast magic faster

Fire Chains – Champion backs are attached by a fire chain. The Hero suffers damage if he touches or even gets near one of the fire links.

Frozen – Monster with the Frozen affix can summon frost orbs that grow and eventually explode causing cold damage and applying a Chill and a Freeze debuff

Health Link – Health Link reduces the amount of damage taken by the champion with that trait by linking his HP to that of all other Health Link champions in the area

Horde – Horde increases the squad of minions that spawn with a rare monster, crowding the battlefield

Illusionist – The Illusionist trait imbues a creature with the ability to create clones of itself at much lower health levels

Invulnerable Minions – Monsters imbued with this trait arrive with a squad of indestructible puppet minions and an expanded heath pool

Jailer – This trait gives monsters the ability to immobilize the Hero in a conjured prison

Knockback – Knockback allows monsters to push back the player a short/long distance with each connecting blow, whether it be ranged or melee. Also, slows player. (OMGBBQLOL)

Missile Dampening – Creatures imbued with the trait generate a reddish sphere around themselves. Any projectile entering this sphere moves 90% slower than normal

Molten – Monsters that spawn with this trait deal extra fire damage. In addition, they leave trailing pools of lava that deal fire damage over time. Any non-minion monster killed with this trait leaves a time bomb that will explode after 3 seconds, dealing large amounts of fire damage

Mortar – Monsters with mortar can lob several fireballs that deal splash damage on impact. Mortar lobs a burst of 3 fireballs towards the player, even over obstacles, but will always lob over a character in melee distance. (Darksaiyan)

Nightmarish – Nightmarish monsters have a chance to fear the player on hit and can be triggered from both melee and ranged attacks

Plagued – Monsters enchanted with Plagued leave pools of poisonous green goo around them for 9 seconds

Shielding – This trait gives the monster a brief period of invulnerability to all forms of damage. Shielding mobs have green glow around them before they activate the shield. (Darksaiyan)

Teleporter – Gives the monster the ability to teleport to a nearby location

Reflect Damage – When you strike a Reflect Damage imbued foe with any attack, you suffer automatic damage in return

Waller – Monsters with Waller can summon earthen walls between the player and the monster, or sometimes behind the player to prevent escape. Waller mobs are different between elites and champions. Elite (boss with minions) create a box around the players to keep them in a general area, while champion packs create single walls in front or behind the player. (Darksaiyan)

Vampiric– This trait allows monster to literally feast on the damage they inflict to you by turning it into health for themselves

Vortex – Grants the ability to forcibly pull the player right next to the monster but does not pull player through objects.

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TheLittleNerd’s Pro-Tips for Diablo 3 – Become a D3 Pwner of the Noobs!


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Here are some Pro-Tips for Diablo 3 to Hopefully Help you Learn a Few New Things if you are New to the Diablo Series!

1. To Attack in Place, Hold Shift and left click, this is great if you can kite as a wizard, or demon hunter etc..

2. When you kill a main boss, you get a stack of magic find, these stacks keep stacking after every main boss, UNLESS you change a skill, then it resets.

3. While magic finding, or just playing, if you see an awesome chest,  for example Resplendid is the rarest chest, DON’T OPEN IT YET! You should clear the area, collect the boss stacks if you have time, and throw on as much magic find gear as possible and then come open up the chest for Phat Loots like Cha-Ching!! $$ DOLLA DOLLA GOLD YALL!!!

4. You don’t have to play through every act to progress, in Diablo, levels are really the least important thing as you can get to 60 in under 24 hours if you try.

5. There is a huge online trading community called D2JSP . ORG – USE THESE FORUMS! You can find people to rush you, power level you, open anything for you, give you any way point, it’s a great trading and service community.

6. Making money from the real money auction house is going to be slightly tougher than expected, to at least make decent money, if you plan to do this, please look into getting a gold guide, as what is a 15-30 dollar investment if you make it back in a day, instead of hustling stupid methods, wasting your time, which I personally value my time highly, I would rather pay someone a little money than waste hours of my life testing to find something that works.  Sometime outsourcing is key, with not just Diablo 3, but in life.

7.  To Be Added Later

8. To Be Added Later

9. To Be Added Later

10. To Be Added Later

General Tips from an Inferno Player on How to Stay Alive in Hell / Inferno Regarding Gear



*Survival through Equipment

*Making money

*Utilizing the AH



This will be a long read. My train of thought may wander due to me being distracted from writing this as I am at work, so please bear with me.

It is a bit appalling to see so many people complain about difficulty. Earlier in A1-Inferno, I ran into another Wizard in a public game who was griping about his death-count, then I looked at his gear. Several non-rares, L40 tier gear in Inferno.

This game is a loot-whoring, equipment-based challenge with exponentially progressing difficulty, and the current item selection is unfortunately terrible at the moment due to the current main pack of users not reaching Inferno yet. Please realize that this is not as heavily hacked and/or botted as diablo 2 was, because that has been out for ages. It has barely been a week and the standard quality of items on the AH is still subpar…not to mention inflated and overpriced. The AH itself has been broken several times as well so the market is messed up. Supply is low and demand is high. I say this as an A-4 Inferno player sitting on a few million gold and I am simply unable to find optimal gear as the stat affixes are rarely a ‘perfect’ match for what I am seeking. The gear either hasn’t been found yet, or there’s not enough of it causing prices to soar. The top DPS chart is a prime example: A few days ago it was mostly blues. Now more rares are appearing, slowly but surely eclipsing the magic items.

Survival Tips

From simple observation of those completing Inferno, I think you will agree with me that the challenge requires both a combination of flawless execution on top of top-notch equipment. It has been proven doable, albeit an incredible challenge. With that said, you need to learn how to ‘optimize’ your equipment and know what to look for.

Prior to reaching L51+, there were a ton of stat affixes I didn’t even know existed. There are even more at L60. Take a look at the searchable criteria in the AH and you can see that different armor slots vary in options, i.e. Knock back, AP on crit, class specific buffs, melee & ranged damage reduction, all resist, etc which are not available at low levels.

Now you might ask, what should I prioritize? Anyone can stack class-specific stats to boost damage, and with high DPS weapons becoming more readily available, it is easy to boost your output. The problem is finding armor that gives BOTH survival and DPS, which is a critical factor for surviving Inferno.

Wizard – INT & VIT
Monk – DEX & VIT
Barb – STR & VIT

I think we can all agree that it is easy to find these two-stat combos for your class. The main problem is items with only these stats do not provide survival other than base HP & DPS.

Here are several example affixes you should/could look for to bolster your survival rate in addition to your standard 2 stats. These higher tier stats are accessible once you reach the L-51 equipment (Hell drops), and improve in effectiveness (numbers) all the way up to L60 (Inferno drops).

All Resist (includes physical resist). This will give you % based mitigation, which is REQUIRED in Inferno, as the raw DPS of mobs has a very high minimum. Trash mobs can hit you for 20k in A1, and don’t even get me started on elemental damage. At 600+ resist on my Wizard (I still have plenty of ways to go), going back to A1-I feels like I’m back in Hell as a L50, and makes life through A2-4 that much less harrowing. I’m starting to see items on the AH with huge +resist numbers, even into the +70s.
Melee, Ranged, or Elite % damage reduction. Usually ranging around 3-4%, this affix will give you additional protection against mob types you might be weak against. For example, Barbs/Monks in A2 will benefit greatly from the Ranged damage reduction.
Move Speed. This is a severely underrated stat. Not only is it convenient and awesome to traverse across open ground quickly, but also great for fleeing, kiting, or microing back and forth while waiting for cool downs. With MS you can run past packs of mobs should you choose not to fight, and not even really need any abilities (exceptions exist, a la A2).
Regen. Self explanatory, helps combat enemy DPS in boss fights, etc. However, you must first be able to withstand getting 1-2shotted for this to have any value.

In addition, there are many class-specific bonuses and other DPS-improvements that will greatly increase your output, which will shorten the time it takes you to kill mobs which is good for both farm/progression rates and survival. Killing faster means you take less damage over time. IAS, Crit Percent, Crit DMG%, and other on hit effects like stun, knock back, slow, may provide extra utility in fights. Pick these according to your build.

Money & Obtaining Rares

With the introduction of the AH, trading is grossly simplified compared to D2. No more sitting in chat channels spamming your items! However, you still need gold to get what you want.

Magic-find. Very important when it comes to loot farming. I started stacking MF as soon as I reached Hell (easily over 90% by L51). Hell was not too difficult as many of you can attest, so running with MF will not really detract from your survival like it might in Inferno. Just from questing, I was able to supplement my gold income by selling decent items. Yes, the market is a bit saturated when it comes to lower level equipment, but it’s all relative. If you start early, selling items for as cheap as 2k, it beats the shit out of selling to the NPC. Gold earned is gold earned, and over time you will start to accumulate wealth.
Gold-Find. I personally have not bothered with Gold find, but seeing as how I picked up quite a bit by the time I finished Hell, that % difference might have given me a decent profit. Perhaps someone else can provide insight for this.
**NPCs* the non playable characters  sometimes sell good items for cheap…so often you can flip the item for a profit. Magic Find jewelry is one of the most demanded items, as every class is able to utilize this stat and many players carry an entire set of Magic Find gear.

I’ve seen a lot of people complain about not being able to farm Inferno gear. Yes, it is a bit of a catch-22. You can’t just dive into Inferno and expect to easily farm elites if you are using L40 equipment. Spend some time in Hell and grind it out. You can find great L51+ gear in Hell which will give you an advantage when it comes to starting in Inferno. And if you don’t find gear that will fit you, sell it on the AH and within time you will be able to accumulate exceptional wares. Speaking of which…

Auction House

Familiarize yourself with the Auction House search features. No, it is not the most comprehensive system and could use more functions, but that is another topic. I’ve spent many hours using the AH and have found much success here (as well as blunders). No, it’s not as exciting to many of you, but to me it’s still part of the game. At the least, it’s a resourceful tool to be used at your disposal. If there was no AH, there’s no way I would be where I am now.

Overwhelmed with too many items in your search?. Add more search criteria. Restrict it to your current level. I.e, if I’m L40, I’d be looking at 30-40 EQ. If too many items turn up, start decreasing the scope of the search. Restrict it to 38-40. Or add a stat and put a minimum search value in. If you click on the columns, you can sort by DPS, Armor rating, or buy-out value.
Finding good buys. I find the most success by restricting my search value so I only see a few pages. This allows me to compare similar equipment to find items with the right set of stats. From there, I then gloss over the prices to find affordable equipment.
Can’t find something at the moment?. Search for something else in the meantime. Look at your weakest armor piece and try to replace it. Given the huge player-base, there are items coming up in real-time at an exorbitant rate. Sometimes if you just sit and refresh your search for a few minutes, you’ll come across great buys at low prices. With the AH restricted to 10 items, many players will undercut to unload items faster. As a buyer, use this to your advantage.
Play the market. Use the undercutting to your advantage! Rare item with decent stats for 5k, when everything else is 30k+? Flip it! I’ve made a few hundred K just picking off cheap items and doubling the sale price. Sometimes the seller might have a full stash so he’s offloading for cheap. Sometimes he might just be stupid and not know the market-value of his treasures.


The game has been out for a bit over a week. Yes, there are people who rushed through, but don’t focus on their achievements/exploits as much as you should on yourself. In the end, it’s all about you having fun. Take your time, go at your own pace. If you find yourself having difficulty, stop and analyze your situation. If you have room to improve, then you know what you need to do. Sometimes it’s a problem with gear. Sometimes, you might be employing the wrong strategy. This game presents you with many different (and some bullshit, another topic) situations. Taking that into account, solving different problems with the same solution might not always work. Change your skill load out, try different builds. Ask a friend to help, or even for advice. Read up in r/diablo3strategy. You need to adapt in order to overcome, and often times it is a process which requires patience and effort. Don’t get mad, take a break and distance yourself from the emotional anger and maybe you will be able to see the situation more objectively or from another perspective. Within due time, quality equipment will soon become an affordable commodity. Perhaps that is a little bit of something we all need.


This was taken from a Forum post I found – bigasianrichard is Author on Reddit

How to Power Level in Diablo 3 – 50 to 60 in 10 hours

Sup my Nerd Brothas!

Once again bout to hit you up with some truth about the best way to power level in Diablo 3!

*********THIS HAS BEEN HOT FIXED AS OF TODAY 5-25-2012 – IT NOW ONLY GIVES 9.8k XP*******************

With the method I am about to share with you, you can get about a level an hour from level 50-60, but can almost be used at lower levels with good results also!

Things to note before I tell you the method

1. In Diablo 3 all experience is STATIC, meaning it doesn’t change.  So for example if you are killing a level 30 nightmare monster, in a single player group, you will still get the same amount of XP points as if you were in a four man and level 60. This creates a chance for many good power leveling strategies to emerge eventually.

2. It is personal prefference, and I do this about every other run, but instead of clearing all the way to the boss, you can try to just run all the way there, it isn’t too hard and actually save so much time and you will get much better XP per hour this way.  The downside to this is that there are a lot of great monster spawns on the way, so if you are new,or the game is still new, it may be worth it to kill the mobs.

Okay enough with that stuff, down to business, we all wanna know the best way to power level in Diablo 3 TLN!

Here is the best Diablo 3 power leveling strategy currently available!

1. Start a new game in nightmare difficulty

2. Take the way point to the last on the list, and closet to Azmodan

3. Either kill the mobs, or run, as talked about above.

4. Kill Azmodan (+44k xp for quest, 13k xp for kill)

5. Town portal (T hot key) back to town, talk to quest giver, run to armory, up the stairs.

6. Complete the event and quest for another easy 44k

7. Travel through the portal, you will come upon Act 4 , boss one, kill him.  This kill gives you 44k more xp.

8.  Leave the game after collecting loots and successfully completing quest.

All in all the D3 power leveling run takes about 5-7 minutes, and grants an AWESOME 150kish XP per run.

Now do the math, oh yeah, I see that smile on your devious little face. 

***Hope that was clear enough for everyone, just rinse and repeat until 60 or until you are about to die from boredom from doing the same 3 quests for 10 hours!***

What is the Best Diablo 3 Guide?

Hey again my Nerd Brothas! Here is the best diablo 3 guide that I have come across thus far!

I’ve made millions of this guide already and I’m still in Hell act 3. Hope that is something you can somewhat base upon how much you’ve farmed or gotten, I’m still not 60 either, only 58 as I have too much on my plate and play casually.

If you haven’t already figured out, Diablo 3 is a somewhat short game, but a HUGE game.  What makes it huge? How about the randomness and rarity of certain bosses and items.  This increases the possibility for some “better payout” spots and hidden gems. If you are serious about Diablo 3 and maybe even plan to make some money from the Real Money Auction House, then you will need some help!

I have been researching since Beta up until now on what the best Diablo 3 guide would be.  I have gotten review copies from all the top names in power-leveling and gold farming.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, as all of them are good Diablo 3 guides, but only one is the best diablo 3 guide!

I am going to go ahead and say from my experience, the guide that was the most useful, taught me the most new things, and the most profitable guide,would have to be Diablo 3 Gold Secrets by Marko.  I enjoyed this guide 100% and if I had purchased it and not gotten a review copy, I would of had zero regrets about purchasing it as with it’s methods, and the real money auction house, you seriously have no reason to not make at least 10-20 dollars a day playing pretty casual(1-2 hours a day).

You can make your own decision on it here, but for everything you get, don’t cross it off your list just yet!

I hope this helps you out, please check my other posts for free information about speedleveling, gold finding, and magic finding, enjoy! Please comment with any criticisms or thanks, or questions!!