How to Not Rage when Playing League of Legends – The Anti-Rage Guide

The Anti-Rage Guide – How to Not Rage in LOL

If you play League of Legends, then you have probably raged once or twice in your time pwning. This guide is to help with people handle their anger and realize that it is just a game, and some people are just retards, and there is no changing that, at least for that game. The point of the game is to just enjoy playing a great game, you can blame the LOL community, but in reality, the entire internet, Xbox live and play station network all have the same players. Make the best of every situation and game.
Here are some common signs of raging –
1. Mashing of the shift or use of the caps lock key
2. Spamming chat with insults or general hate
3. Spamming the ping key while in game
4. Grunting loudly and redness of face
5. Intentional feeding or desire to AFK
6. Temptation/Act of setting your computer on fire.
7. Throwing mouse, keyboard, or hulk smashing either one.

After you have shown signs of RAGE please take a moment to ask yourself. “Am I raging?” “Am I drinking Hateraid right now by the gallon?” “Are my hands clenched so tight my nails are causing me to bleed?” And other such questions of this sort. If any of these questions turn up yes then you have confirmed you are raging (And might need to see a doctor, cuts can get infected you know).

 Analyzing the rage

How am I raging? What am I raging at? Why type of rage is this?

These are all important questions to ask when you have confirmed the rage. For without knowing what type of rage it is you won’t be able to take further steps to correct your rage!

Common types of rage include
1. Nerd Rage- “They questioned my build! I know better than them! I’ll show them how pro my build is by FEEDING!” *Rage rage rage rage*
2. Gank Rage- “Oh my god man there is nothing I can do I get ganked over and over no matter where I go.. best solution to this is to FEED”
3. MIA Rage- “You didn’t Call MIA why didn’t you call MIA Why can’t I take 1 second to look at the mini map every once and a while to realize that their lane is missing. I guess I’ll just face check every bush now.. and FEED!”
4. Ranked Rage “All you guys SUCK you’re ruining my ELO my precious ELO, obviously my ELO is more important than life it’s self.. so to prove how important ELO is I’m going to afk… then FEED!”
5. Rage Rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-…. then FEED!”
6. Eldritch Horror Rage- [email protected]$*&*asdjfx,mcnv… then FEED!

If you have any of these rages proceed to the next step immediately. ((Or if it’s eldritch horror rage.. proceed to summon forth your dark god to lay waste your enemies))

Curing the rage

By far the most important step in this entire guide, or any guide ever in fact.

1. Take a deep breath then let it out.
2. Think of something funny or something that will make you smile.
3. Realize this is just a game and you’re here for fun.
4. Laugh out loud.
5. Stand up and do interpretive dance for 10-30 seconds (Depending on re spawn time)
6. Take a chill pill
7. Let it all out by screaming at the top of your lungs. (Only recommended if you are alone in the house.. and if your window is closed.)
So please if you are prone to raging, try to follow this guide, save your teammates from hearing you be dumb, annoying, and aggravating. Save a game, cure the rage.

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