MAX DPS Per Weapon Type in Diablo 3 – Best Dps Items in Game

Here is a really helpful and informative post that started on D2jsp and Reddit, and has built into something which should last the life time of the game. If you study this list enough, you will eventually know what a sell-able weapon is, and what a ZOMG LOOK BRO weapon is

Max DPS for each different weapon type!

The Reddit post can be found HERE.

What you start with are the base DPS numbers on There is exactly 1 level 63 weapon for each weapon type, and they all have a special name. I have included the names of every weapon so that you can look out for them on the ground (the base name shows up when a rare hasn’t been identified). Anything ilvl62 and below can’t really compete because it has lower base damage AND lower affix damage (all crafted items are ilvl 62).

Affix numbers can be found here. Affix damage scales up per item level, currently maxing out at ilvl 63. Daggers and 1H Crossbows get gimped affix damage due to their weapon speed, but all the other weapons have exactly the same bonus elemental damage potential (that’s why faster weapons have lower base damage).

All types of bonus elemental damage except cold have exactly the same amount of bonus damage potential (including physical).

A base weapon can be modified by a second +damage modifier: Fine. This goes up to 40% base damage!

For the maximum DPS I picked a perfect damage range roll (from, a maximum roll on the elemental damage range, +40% base damage from the Fine modifier, a perfect +50% damage (this only applies to the base damage of the weapon), and a perfect +25% Increases Attack Speed roll (this is +25% overall DPS straight up, after all other factors).

The formula is thus: ((Base Damage) x 1.4 x 1.5 + (Affix Damage) x (Weapon Speed)) * 1.25

Format is weapon name first, then maximum normal affix DPS, and then maximum DPS with a cold damage affix. And without further ado, the current numbers (sorted by DPS!):

One Handed Weapons:


Dagger 1330.3

Cold Dagger 996.4

Rune Sword

Sword 1486.2

Cold Sword 1151.1

Heaven Hand

Fist 1486.2

Cold Fist 1151.1

Veil Piercer

Ceremonial Knife 1510.1

Cold Knife 1175.0

Arch Axe

Axe 1523.3

Cold Axe 1212.0


Mighty 1523.3

Cold Mighty 1212.0

Centurion Spear

Spear 1555.8

Cold Spear 1268.6


Mace 1573.1

Cold Mace 1285.9

Two Handed Weapons

Warlord Sword

2H Sword 2032.6

2H Sword Cold 1769.2

Guru Staff

2H Diabo 2060.2

2H Diabo Cold 1796.8

Titan Axe

2H Mighty 2084.0

2H Axe Cold 1844.6


2H Axe 2097.1

2H Axe Cold 1857.8

Sovereign Staff

2H Staff 2129.9

2H Staff Cold 1890.6

Dread Lance

2H Polearm 2144.3

2H Polearm Cold 1916.9

Doom Hammer

2H Mace 2174.4

2H Mace Cold 1958.9

Ranged Weapons

Desolator Wand

Wand 1473.3

Cold Wand 1138.2


Hand Crossbow 1524.2

Cold Hand Crossbow 1167.9

Revenant Bow

2H Bow 1833.5

2H Bow Cold 1498.4

Hellion Crossbow

2H Crossbow 2005.3

2H Xbow Cold 1741.9


There isn’t much math to do with off hands, as far as I know. The best Mojos are ilvl 62 with a damage range of 110-405 and same with Orbs. There is a rare and legendary with the same damage range, so I’d assume you want to get the legendary.

After that it’s a simple calculation based on weapon speed (after IAS) for how much DPS the offhand will give you:.

Orb/Mojo with:

Mace, Spear (1.5 post IAS): +386.3 DPS

Axe (1.625 post IAS): +418.4 DPS

Sword, Ceremonial Knife/Wand (1.75 post IAS): +450.6 DPS

Dagger (1.875 post IAS): +482.8 DPS



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