How to get Unlimited Golden Keys Post Patch in Borderlands 2 – PC ONLY

I have just recently figure out how to STILL get unlimited keys in Borderlands 2 after the patch they did a month or so back.

This unfortunately for xbox360 and ps3 users only works for PC.

Here is what you do!

First go to – C:\Users\%yourusername%\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\SaveData\RANDOMNUMBERS

You should see a Save0001 (each save for each character, so you may have Save0002/0003/etc) and a profile file. The PROFILE file is the one we will be replacing with the glitched profile which has the 254 keys in it.


Once you  have made a backup of your profile file, download my golden key version of the profile file, and replace your current one in the folder listed.

You can now start borderlands, open the chest to your hearts desire, and once you are done save and exit and close Borderlands 2.

You can now replace the golden key profile with your original profile file,  and start the game again.  You now have all the guns you acquired and your settings/Bad Ass points back.

You can repeat this as much as you want whenever you want to open the chest!


*Download Golden Key Profile.bin file here*

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  1. tek says:

    cant find the savedata…. has it been patched again? running steam version

    • Boot Danger says:

      If you are running windows XP the file location will be different so just search for “profile” or one of the folders listed. I just tested it again and it gave me 254 keys, so it is still working and hasn’t been patched.

  2. zakk says:

    it only gave one skeleton key, and when i moved my profile back i didnt get my badass points back. the badass points dont bother me because theyre easy to get back.

    • Boot Danger says:

      Sorry bro I just tested it and it’s still working fine. I am guessing you got your profile file swapped around and either overwrote it or something.

  3. Castle82 says:

    Worked perfectly, great hack thanks!

  4. Gordan Freeman says:

    Nice hack, works perfectly.

  5. Tirbigin says:

    What happens if you keep playing with your golden key profile?

  6. D1zney says:

    anyone got anydetails.on this? As of the 16th there is no ‘profiles’ in my borderlands 2 files/folders. Any assist would be great.

    • Fance says:

      Make sure you aren’t looking in your steam directory, the profiles get saved to C:/Users/Name/Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2

      If you can’t find a profile there tell me so, I’ll try to help if I can.

  7. Boot Danger says:

    It’s called profile, no profiles? That’s the only thing i can think of unless you are on windows XP and looking in the wrong place. I just tested it and it’s still working.

  8. Fraeggsau says:

    I tried to do this, but when I swap out the profile.bin file, and start the game afterwards, and hit continue with any of my existing characters, the load screen stays for all eternity.

    Has this exploit been fixed with the last patch? Or am I doing something wrong?

    I’m on PC btw

    Thanks for any help

    • Fraeggsau says:

      My bad, Steam had a problem…. worked perfectly after a reboot.

      Thanks for spreading the word and the .bin file…. you’re a great help for BL2 Fans like me who have to little time to farm for hours just for some good purple gear!

  9. Michael Buescher says:

    What level are the guns i know the loot chest is leveled is it leveled to you or is it at a set level. I just started playing so would it work if i just played on this profile and not my other one. On my other one I haven’t even gotten to Sanctuary yet.

    • Boot Danger says:

      The guns cater to your level at the time of opening the chest – so you can open the chest 5 times at level 10, get 5 level 10 guns, spend 5 more at lvl 15, get 5 level 15 guns, and so on. If you are just starting you can just use the profile, you will just have to readjust it to your liking. Also remember if this if your first time playing it, a lot of the fun of the game is searching for sweet weapons, so take that into account before you use the keys to get the best guns.

  10. migger says:

    Works great but i gotta ask, can i keep swapping profiles on-off for more goldenkeys, or yours is limited to 250 no matter how many times i load mine afterwards?

    • Boot Danger says:

      You can only have 250 keys total, and that is built into the game, not the profile, so you can just use all 250 keys if you want, then replace the file again, and you will have 250 keys again. So spend 250, save and quit game, replace profile file, and repeat. hope that helps

  11. Saeed Ahmed says:

    hey buddy
    it works fine.just read instructions clearly

  12. anon says:

    thanks for this! really appreciated.

  13. dub4502 says:

    Worked perfectly for me, nice work, thanks man

  14. Nyan says:

    Hi, i have a question:
    When i had only one save data in my RANDOMNUMBERS folder, it works.
    But when i have a few save data there, i don’ t get the keys. Do i have to change something?

  15. iZephere says:

    Thanks for this tip. I had problems with the previous one you uploaded and this one is much easier .

  16. Colt says:

    I just tried it and I couldn’t get it to work

  17. Eman says:

    You, sir, are awesome.

  18. Trina says:

    Excellent post. I definitely appreciate this site. Thanks!

  19. BOB says:

    Assuming you have SOME golden keys already you can write protect your own profile, then keep reloading to farm keys, and finally when ready to carry on playing normally, set it to writable again

  20. Jessy says:

    Ok so I tried this and now my save game is corrupt even tho I made a backup , I placed the backup back but its not working.

  21. Noah says:

    Wow, just wow. Thank you so much for this! At first I didn’t think this was legit, since I couldn’t get it working. But then I made sure that my character was in sanctuary before hand, backed up my save in sanctuary, then downloaded the bin twice since the first one didn’t work. Then what do you know, 264 keys!!! Getting these guns is gonna be sure fun :) Thanks so much!

  22. Noah says:

    I forgot to mention, I changed my save into ’001′ instead of 002 and it worked also. Thanks!

  23. Albert says:

    So after changing my profile.bin, it appears I crash every time I try to connect to a co-op game. My friend is using your profile.bin file and nothing is wrong with him, but when I tried it, I can’t connect to any co-op game. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Boot Danger says:

      Well what I would suggest if only co-op is giving you problems is just load my bin file and join a normal 1 player game, farm the chest until u get all the guns u want, then you can close out of the game switch back to your profile that should be working, and then join co-op. This way u retain ur guns, settings, and hopefully it works the same as before but with the sick guns.

  24. BL2 LOL says:


  25. Texx says:

    can you please fix the link??? =(

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