How to get Unlimited Golden Keys in Borderlands 2

There is a sweet glitch, hack, cheat, whatever , but it allows you to get unlimited Golden Keys  in Borderlands 2, and this post will show you how to unlock it!


**This was patched a while ago, but if you are on PC – then good news – there is still a working method, check out my new posts HERE! !**


Close BL2, and steam completely.

Go to:

C:\Program File (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Borderlands 2\DLC\POPremierClub\Lic

Or wherever you have it installed if not 64 bit or still on windows XP.

Then open file: WillowDLC






Save the file and then just re-launch the game. Have fun!

(Anything higher will still yield 255)

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  1. Pornserker says:

    Glitch got fixed 9/21/2012

    • Boot Danger says:

      Semi correct – this method did get patched, but there is still a new and working method for PC only – ive updated this post with the link

  2. don Q says:

    patched, doesnt work annymore..

  3. T says:

    Once you run out of those, can you re-up the number? I can’t decide if I want to save mine for later use, or burn through them and re-up

  4. T says:

    Well that sucks.

  5. ctm says:

    i have found a way to make this work… :D

  6. T says:

    how do you do it???

  7. 私はかわいいです says:

    HOOOW!?!?!? =3

  8. Uni says:

    How do you reset it after using all the keys?

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