How long to hit max Paragon levels In Diablo 3?

Are you wondering how long to hit max paragon levels In d3?

After doing some math, it will take anywhere from 1300 to 1400 hours of playing, with a good average of xp per hour, to hit max level of 100 in diablo 3 with the paragon system.   The total XP required to go from 1-100 is 10,454,400,000.  That is a lot of XP.  I don’t think this is a bad thing though, for anyone who has ever played diablo 2 for a decent amount of time, you know that it was very difficult to get to level 99.  Levels 90-100 took a long long time, even doing non-stop Baal runs.

I think the game needed this change, among other things that patch 1.0.4 included.  Everyone wants to feel like they are working towards something, and not just shooting from the hip waiting for the one good item.  This will give everyone a long term goal, and a sense of accomplishment every time you log off your character.

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