General Tips and Tricks for Borderlands 2 – Leveling, Gold, and Questing

Here are some general tips and tricks that you should know when playing borderlands 2.   I personally play on PC, so some of these tricks or glitches might not be able to be recreated on the PS3 or XBOX 360.

Pre-Level 20 Leveling Tip – Extra Gold, Weapons, and Experience Points

When you are able to raid Caustic Cavern, you really should do it. It is such a wonderful place when your pre-level 20 to get loot, experience, and a whole lot of dolla dolla bills yall(cash bro!)

I Entered there with a little over $5000, some  decent weapons, and on level 16. Three different raids with different parties later, left on level 21, over $50,000, and got an orange and magneto weapon -

Play the Slots!

The slot machines are a great way to blow some money and get great upgrades and super bad ass weapons!

Wondering where the slots are? They are at Moxxi’s place in sanctuary, where Sir Hammerlock hangs out at, that rascal.

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