First Things to Do when Playing Diablo 3

Once Diablo 3 Releases in about a month, I’ve been wondering what activity I will engage in first. I want to make sure I am prepped to start the pwning of ez pz monster as soon as possible. Here is my short list of things to do looking towards the release of D3.

1. Pre-install the game! I don’t want to wait to install d3, I want it ready and I want to play it now.
2. Take off a few days of work! Yep, I will be taking off ATLEAST a single day of work, and I am sure to not be the only one.
3. Food! Prep your food, hot pockets, butt pillows, portable toilets, etc.
4. Friends! Find a group to play with before it is released so that you guys can jump right into the game and can already pick out your characters and everything.

That’s really about it. Remember to have fun, don’t stay up more than 48 hours without sleep and… will you keep your items, or try to make a quick gold dollar on that new improved shaco helmet!?!

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  1. Dirstache says:

    Almost forgot my butt pillow, thanks bro

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