Demon Hunter Best in Slot Gear for Diablo 3

Here are what is believed to be the Best In slot Gear, stats, for Demon Hunter in Diablo 3

BiS DH D3 Gear and Stat Priority

**An Updated guide for patch 1.0.3 with attack speed changes can be found here**

“Most of this post was taken from the D3 Forums – Originally written by Ace

Stat Priority

Critical Hit Damage -> Attack Speed -> Dexterity >/= Critical Hit % -> +Damage

 Remember, Critical Hit % caps at 100%, Movement Speed caps at 25%.  Note that, while Attack Speed yields higher DPS, Dexterity & Critical Hit % can often be more practical in Inferno mode.

Defensively, Movement Speed and Discipline seem to be the safest investment.  Knock back, Immobilize, and Chill are also very effective.

 My research revolves around the current “top damage” Demon Hunters farming Diablo on Inferno rather easily.  Now onto the list:

 **Bear in mind this list is subject to change as the game updates and new items are discovered**


1. Andariel’s Visage (

2. Natalya’s Gaze (

No surprise here, Andariel’s Visage provides 12-13% Attack Speed and a big chunk of Dexterity with a +3% chance to crit to boot.  On the other hand, Natalya’s Gaze (with the set bonuses) provides +7% chance to crit and a big chunk of Dexterity, with the added bonus of Discipline Regeneration which, isn’t incredibly good, but it may just help you survive those clench situations when you need that one extra Smoke Screen and Preparation is on cool down.  The chance to fear is also nice for survivability.


1. (Appropriate rare)

 This one’s still up in the air for me.  As of right now there really aren’t any outstanding shoulders for Demon Hunter.  I recommend getting something with a chance to chill and Dexterity.


1. Natalya’s Shadow (

2. Beckon Sail (

3. The Inquisitor (

4. (Appropriate rare)

Natalya’s Shadow currently seems to be favored by most Demon Hunters.  With additional sockets one can stack loads of Dexterity into this single item, but perhaps the most appealing quality is the set bonuses.  An added bonus is the 6-7% Life and if you’re lucky, a skill boost which benefits your build.  I listed The Inquisitor because of the Dexterity and movement speed increase as well as skill boost, however, Natalya’s Shadow remains superior for DPS.  Beckon Sail is my personal favorite given the Attack Speed increase and, if you’re lucky, slots and hatred regeneration.

It has come to my attention that there are situational appropriate rares (i.e. +130 Dexterity with 2 Sockets) which yield more DPS over an item such as Natalya’s Shadow by itself, no set bonuses.  In this case, use the appropriate rare.


1.  Strongarm Bracers (

2.  Lacuni Prowlers (

3. (appropriate rare)

There really aren’t any outstanding wrist-slot items for Demon Hunter discovered at the moment.  Strongarm Bracers provide a nice chunk of Dexterity with a rather meager 2% to crit, however, the +3-4% to life and +1.0-5.1% chance to knockback on hit provides more survivability when clenched in Inferno. I prefer Lacuni Prowlers to the Strongarm Bracers.  12-13% Attack Speed coupled with 6-7% Movement speed increase accounts for a lot, especially when stacking Attack Speed.  There are, in fact, appropriate rares which yield more DPS over Strongarm Bracers, but likely lack Knockback.  The choice is yours.


1. (Appropriate rare)

Not really too much available at the moment.  Most people find more success in using an appropriate Rare here, i.e. something with Critical Hit Damage and Dexterity.


1. (Appropriate rare)

2. Inna’s Blessing (

3. The Witching Hour (

Try for Knockback or Crit % with Dexterity on your appropriate rare.  Another option is Inna’s Blessing with a good roll, on the condition that you’re also using Inna’s Glory (Legs) granting you a 2-piece set bonus of +130 Dexterity. The Witching Hour doesn’t seem considerable at first look, given the level and Intelligence; but, 10-12% Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed, and a beneficial set of random magic properties roll make this belt viable.


1.  Inna’s Glory (

2.  (Appropriate rare)

Inna’s Glory while lacking the appropriate Dexterity for Demon Hunter provides 14-15% Attack Speed, 6-7% Movement speed, and an extra +1.0% chance to crit.  If you can manage it, you can also get away with the two-piece set bonus of +130 Dexterity.  I left room for an appropriate rare simply because you never know so early in the game.


1. Natalya’s Soul (

2. Asheara’s Lock (

3. Boj Anglers (

4. Zunimassa’s Journey (

5. (appropriate rare)

You can go a lot of different directions with boots.  Natalya’s Soul will give you your set bonuses and some movement speed increase, but is a bit lacking in the stats department; just bear in mind what you’re getting and weigh it accordingly.  Asheara’s Lock, while being a level 52 item, provides a nice chunk of Dexterity (less than your Natalya’s set bonus mind you) with the added bonus of 14-15% Attack Speed.  A lot of people may wonder why I listed the Boj Anglers and it ain’t just cause I’m from the South.  Conditionally these little level 39 boots give you, if you’re lucky, a decent amount of Dexterity coupled with 10-11% movement speed and 12-13% Attack Speed.  You take a little bit of a DPS loss, but get the best of both worlds.  They’re also pretty cheap.  I recently added Zunimassa’s Journey as a viable best in slot, as it yields 5-6% poison damage, Attack Speed, and Movement Speed.  If you’re lucky, you can also find a pair with Immobilize making these boots a reasonable choice.


1. Ouroboros (

2. The Flavor of Time (

3. (appropriate rare)

Unfortunately, this seems to be a bit of a hot item.  Ouroboros gives you a significant amount of Dexterity and a big chunk of critical hit chance, but if you’re incredibly lucky or wealthy, you can find one with Critical Hit Damage.  The “each hit to life” isn’t too shabby either, considering most of us use Nether Tentacles anyway. The Flavor of Time is superior to an Ouroboros without Critical Hit Damage due to the Attack Speed and Movement Speed as well as additional lucky beneficiary rolls.  Another alternative is an appropriate rare.


1. Skull Grasp (

2. Natalya’s Mark (

3. Hierophant’s Seal (

4. Eternal Union (

Skull Grasp is a very nasty ring.  A little raw damage, 4% to critical hit, 3-4% damage to elites, and a nice chunk of Dexterity makes for a great stat booster.  Natalya’s Mark, however, tops it.  With 14-15% Attack Speed, a lot of Dexterity, and set bonuses, this one’s a must have.  Hierophant’s Seal is still viable with 12-13% Attack Speed and +5-12% damage to demons (**Ahem**.. Diablo.) Eternal Union is also a viable choice with a lucky roll, as these rings can yield a high Dexterity bonus with Attack Speed.


1.  (Appropriate rare)

Most Demon Hunters use 2H Crossbows at the moment.  Find something with 1,400+ DPS and (if you can) Critical Hit Damage or Attack Speed.  Voilà, things die easier.  As obvious as these sounds, this is without a doubt your most important equipment slot.  No other item will provide nearly as significant a DPS upgrade as your weapon, so prioritizing this is a must.

HINT: If you’re having difficulty killing Elite packs, Rares, and/or Bosses on Inferno mode, consider taking the time to upgrade your weapon.  It may save you a lot of time and frustration.


1. Dead Man’s Legacy (

2. (Appropriate rare)

 Dead Man’s Legacy is without a doubt the best in slot quiver for Demon Hunter.  With Dexterity, Attack Speed, Hatred Regeneration, and a lucky magic roll (preferably Hungering Arrow) this quiver is downright godly.

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  1. Rudy says:

    great post! thx a lot

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  2. Entex says:

    Asheara’s Lock are bugged, they do not give attack speed. There are 2 diffrent attack speed bonus

    Attack speed increased by -> Good!
    increases attack speed by -> Bugged!

    so ATM Asherara’s Lock are bad

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    • Ben says:

      yeah i got screwed buying the ATM asheara’s… I hope they will fix this

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  3. d0mo says:

    Was wondering if this post could be updated post-Demon Hunter / IAS nerf? would be greatly appreciated!

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  4. Malos says:

    For the gloves, I recommend Gladiator Gauntlets. They have high Dexterity plus Critical Chance! A great combo for DH!

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  5. Malos says:

    I also recommend Vile Ward for shoulders. Great Dexterity and overall damage.

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  6. Harry says:

    Damn! How can you ever get these items? They cost millions! I can barely farm 1 million, but these items require ATLEAST 20 million!

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  7. Mordensmock says:

    My DPS is 680 K and *̩ don’t use any of those mentioned items :S

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