Pokémon – Tyrunt & Tyrantrum

While playing a lot of Ark Survival Evolved, I still have to play some Pokemon while not on the PC.  Here are my current two favorite ones recently. Super strong while wrecking every other team we harvest and play against. They both resemble T-Rex’s and I think I have a dinosaur problem.

Tyrunt – Introduced with the 6th Generation of Pokémon, Tyrunt is a Rock/Dragon using Pokémon from the fossil family. He very much resembles the Tyrannosaur.

Tyrantrum – This is the evolved final form of a Tyrunt. With iron skin and spear sharp teeth, he is a force to be reckoned with.

How to Fix VPN when Windows opens but won

How to Powerlevel in Diablo 3 the Fastest Way – Updated for 2013

               Diablo 3 has started to normalize since the release over a year ago.  I have written many guides but they all seem to get outdated within a few months.  Here is something that I believe will basically stand the test of time for Diablo 3.

                Diablo 2 was this way.  Everyone who started a new character knew how to powerlevel it in the fastest way possible.  I was starting to wonder if D3 would ever get this “set path” of power leveling like its previous release of Diablo 2.  I believe we have a fast power leveling method!

Here is the Best Power leveling Method for Diablo 3 in Patch 1.07

  1. Have a high level character run you through normal Whimsyshire until you can go to nightmare.
  2. Have high level character run you through Act 3 The Keep Depths nightmare & hell

Okay that was too easy, but that is it.  Those 2 places and 3 difficult, while on monster power 10, will yield crazy fast leveling times.

Host Winds Web Hosting Review : My Experience

I have been using Host Winds since the beginning of this site.  I read a few reviews of them on a few different forums and figured they sounded like a solid choice.  Well I was right and I am very happy with their service so far.  I’ve had a few issues, but they were quickly resolved on their live chat within an hour or so.

When I first started this website, it was a hobby, but within the first few months it blew up and really had me questioning what to do about hosting with it.  After my traffic was too much for standard hosting, I invested in a VPS server.  Usually this transition and upgrade costs 30-50 dollars, but the nice people at host winds upgraded it and did everything for me for free.  One of their people even gave me his Skype name so I can call him directly when I needed something or had a stupid question.  My up time is great, speed is great, and the only issues I’ve had have been because of me and not their service.  I was new to running a VPS, accessing my webmail with certain port numbers, and every time I asked a question, too many to count, they were always nice and helped me get the answer I was looking for.

If you are in the market for web hosting, please give Host Winds a try!  Their prices are amazing, I can’t find cheaper honestly, and their service is top notch.  If you don’t believe me, go check them out at hostwinds.com, or use my Host Winds banner on the right side of the website.

Contra – NES

Contra – NES

Play Contra for the NES free online here!

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The Legend of Zelda – NES

The Legend of Zelda – NES

Play The Legend of Zelda for NES Free Online Here!

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Double Dragon – NES

Double Dragon – NES

Play Double Dragon for the NES free online here!

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Megaman – NES

Here is Megaman for NES! You can play it right here in your browser!


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