Best Programs to Remove a Virus for Free

As a computer technician in a large company, I handle MANY MANY MANY virus removals.  I enjoy virus removals because it is actually  fairly simple to clean them(most of them).

Best free virus removing tools that you should have!

1.  CCleaner ! This is the best free program to clean up your computer.  It is free, has a paid version but isn’t needed, and is so easy to use for anyone.  It cleans all the temps and cache from your computer, it also has other tools to clean unnecessary registry entries up and also uninstall tools!

2. Malwarebytes ! - This is the best free virus remover you will ever find.  It also has a paid version but isn’t necessary.  This program will be the main thing used in most virus removals.

3. Unhide.exe ! – This program is used to ‘unhide’ the hard drive with the virus when it decides to make everything hidden from you.  Basically just a huge time saver.

That should do it for now on the programs you will  / may need.

Here is a basic rundown of how to remove a virus!

1. Turn computer off, all the way, as soon as you see the virus appear.  This makes the chance that it did replicate to the full hard drive less likely.

2. Turn computer back on, and tap F8 non-stop at the first Bios screen until you get to safe mode boot options.

3. Select ” Safe mode with Networking “.  What this does is boots into safe mode, but leaves the driver for internet intact so you can update Malwarebytes etc.

4. Login and install malwarebytes! Update malwarebytes! Run malwarebytes!

5.  After it has scanned your system, select remove selected infections, and restart the computer.

6.  At this point I log back in as the user who originally got the virus(if on domain) and then run Malwarebytes once more.

7.  The virus should be gone by now, but you may have a few things left to do.

8. If you can’t see your desktop items, or things are missing, run the unhide.exe, number 3, above.  This will show your files again.

9.  I would then run CCleaner and remove all temps in case the virus is still in temp folders etc.

10.  Pray your virus doesn’t return!

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