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League of Legends Wallpapers

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How to get out of elo hell fast & easy

So you want to get out of ELO hell? You and many others, so read up on what is working for me!

Recently I have been stuck at a low ELO, aka ELO HELL, and I know most League of Legends players struggle with this also.  I honestly feel I’m a pretty good player, but because of starting ranked when I didn’t take it seriously, I dropped pretty low during my first placement matches.

First, I want to state the reasons why I dropped to the 900 ELO bracket in the first place

  1. Placement matches. I didn’t take these seriously, and jumped into ranked too soon after hitting 30.
  2. I didn’t play champions I felt I’ve mastered.
  3. I was new to ranked

Now, here is how to get your ELO up, and how to get get yourself out of ELO hell.

  1. DON’T RAGE AT YOUR TEAM.  At the start of the game, try to be the moral leader, say go team, we can do this, or let’s work together and not rage!!
  2. At champion select, PICK YOUR BEST ROLL!! My best roll is ADC, so at the beginning I ask politely for ADC, I almost always get it.   I still lose my lane on occasion, but in the situation I do, I just play safe and wait for team fight time.
  3. If you don’t get your main roll, then have a backup roll.  It’s a good rule of thumb to have at least 1 or 2 champions you know very well in case you need to jungle, support, mid or top.

So my main point is, play what you are good at. Don’t play a champion you barely know because you honestly aren’t going to win your lane vs. someone who knows the ins and outs of their champion.  This honestly I think is the best way to consistently get your ELO up.

Hope this helps a bit, there is much more to being a good League of Legends player but that is enough for this article! Tune in often for more LoL Elo tips and tricks.  Cya nerdz!

New Features in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

New Features in Call of Duty Black Ops 2

A lot has been said about the upcoming Call of Duty: Black ops 2 video game (COD) for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Unsurprisingly, this time of year is well-known for rumor and speculation about what’s new and what’s changing in the next edition of everyone’s favorite video game. But this year, a lot of buzz is centered around the much anticipated COD Black Ops 2 game that’s due for release this November. In this article, we’ll carry on with the speculation about the new features in the game that critics have managed to glimpse at in the recently released launch trailer.

As you might be aware, a game’s launch trailer is the most venerated as it is what the publisher or developer uses to sell the game before critics write scalding reviews. COD has got just under a month to do that, having released the launch trailer just a month prior to the official release.

The setting for Black Ops 2 is 13 years away in 2015, and it’s here that the valiant heroes will tussle it out with terrorists that have taken over the very technological ordnance built by the U.S. government to protect its own citizens. At the same time, the Russian spook Viktor Reznov is plotting his own sinister moves. This and more startling set pieces are some of which you can look forward to in COD Black Ops 2, and it is testament that the game hasn’t lost its impeccable touch in crafting mind-blowing set pieces.

The New Features and Feature Upgrades

The first noticeable upgrade is the twist in the game’s story. Black Ops 2 features a future cold war that simply takes the story to another level, although the base gameplay remains intact.

Another huge shift from the previous COD games is the new Pick 10 system that’s replacing the loadout system. The new Pick 10 system provides for high customization where players will be able to select perks instead of sidearms, a main weapon with three add-ons, or any grouping of perks and weapons provided they total up to ten points.

The Prestige mechanic has also been noticeably altered. Previously, this was used for resetting weapon advancement and level for dedicated players, but it was a bit of a turn off for hardcore players. However, in Black Ops 2, weapon advancement and challenge are not reset, which will make it easier to explore new weapons and add-ons.

Other features include more elaborate facial detail, more sophisticated environmental textures, a playable David Mason (Son of Alex Mason), use of a live horse for full performance, more zombies and new zombie levels, and an improved narrative, among others.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be released on November 13th, 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3 , and PC.

Little Things You Should Know About the New Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.5

Monster Power must be enabled.

  • Options > Gameplay > Bottom right option under “Interface”
  • Once enabled, you will choose the MP level when picking your starting quest.

Leave your group, retain your stacks

  • If you play in a group, you can now leave the game for a short time and keep your NV stacks. I want to say 5 minutes. As long as someone from your party keeps the game “active”, you can rejoin. This is amazing for posting a fast auction, losing connection, etc.
  • When you disconnect from a game and want to go solo, be sure to right click your character and choose “leave party”. Or else you’ll just keep joining the same game.

Watch Tower has been moved.

  • “The Watch Tower spawn has been moved from the Northern Highlands to the Southern Highlands”
  • The Watch Tower has also been changed. It now has a full size first floor and it seems like the number of elites has been lowered

Easily search for similar items on the auction house

  • When inside the auction house, right click the item you want to sell and choose the find similar option. This will preload your stats into the search fields for you.

Stay tuned for more new features!

Borderlands 2 Level 17 – 20 Red Chest Fast Farming Spot

Here is a video of one of my favorite spots to farm in borderlands from level 17-20ish. 

The entire run takes about a minute or so and on the way you can find Eridium and other good items.  There is a red chest at the end which gives great weapons for the level.  Hope you enjoy it and keep owning Pandora!

League of Legends Season 2 Championship Code

Here is the Championship code to redeem your free in-game icon for Season 2 in League of Legends

1. Code is – 521337

2. Web Address – https://www.woobox.com/dwmvfy

3. Icon is – http://i.imgur.com/vEdX3.png

Your icon will be unlocked during the week following the World Championship!



How to get Unlimited Golden Keys Post Patch in Borderlands 2 – PC ONLY

I have just recently figure out how to STILL get unlimited keys in Borderlands 2 after the patch they did a month or so back.

This unfortunately for xbox360 and ps3 users only works for PC.

Here is what you do!

First go to – C:\Users\%yourusername%\Documents\My Games\Borderlands 2\WillowGame\SaveData\RANDOMNUMBERS

You should see a Save0001 (each save for each character, so you may have Save0002/0003/etc) and a profile file. The PROFILE file is the one we will be replacing with the glitched profile which has the 254 keys in it.


Once you  have made a backup of your profile file, download my golden key version of the profile file, and replace your current one in the folder listed.

You can now start borderlands, open the chest to your hearts desire, and once you are done save and exit and close Borderlands 2.

You can now replace the golden key profile with your original profile file,  and start the game again.  You now have all the guns you acquired and your settings/Bad Ass points back.

You can repeat this as much as you want whenever you want to open the chest!


*Download Golden Key Profile.bin file here*

Who Won the League of Legends Season 2 Championship?

Wondering who won the season two LOL Championship for a million dollars?

After being selected as a huge underdog, the Season 2 World Champions of League of Legends are the Taipai Assassins !

They played amazing well the entire tournament, taking down the likes of Moscow 5, Nanjin Sword, and for the Grand Finals – Azubu Frost

There will be Replays of all of their games posted shortly, so check back often, and if not you can probably find them on youtube shortly also!


How Long to Receive Gold from RMAH in Diablo 3?

I figured I would post this for anyone who has purchased gold from the real money auction house in D3 recently and have not received it yet.

First off, DON’T BE ALARMED!! You haven’t lost your money or your gold, there is a processing delay when buying and selling gold on the RMAH, and it usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour or two to receive it!

I remember the first time I bought gold I needed it right away. and when it didn’t come, I wasn’t a happy camped having to wait for it.

Here is an idea, while y0u are waiting for your gold, just play some NES games at the top bar, like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!!

Love TLN