Leauge of Legends Summer LCS Music Video Mashup – Next Split

If anyone watched the LCS for the Summer Split, you may have seen, or missed this hilarious mash up created by Riot.


Bear Pictures List – Black Bears, Brown Bears, Grizzly Bears and Gummy Bears

Are you looking for an Awesome Bear picture gallery?

Well you have come to the right place!

Here at The Little Nerd we don’t just have nerdy posts, we have bear picture posts!

We have Brown Bears, Grizzle Bears, Wild Bears, Zoo Bears, Gummy Bears, White Bears, Polar Bears, Friendly Bears, Mean Bears and Bear claw pictures!

Yordle List for League of Legends –The Yordle Army

                As time passes, one may either grow to love, or hate, that which is the Yordle race.

  Many call them filthy and hideous Yordle Scum.  Other love their short looks, but radical attitude, you be the judge and decide for yourself which side you are on… for me, I love the Yordle Army!

Here is an up to date list of the current Yordles in League of Legends.


Many people argue about if fizz and others are megalings or yordles, but they are in fact all at least part of the yordle army, and the Yordle movement.

What is your favorite yordle?! Let TLN Know!

Cute Animals and Other Random Beautiful Pictures

The Best League of Legends Memes Ever

Here are a few Good League of Legend themed memes!

I will make weekly meme post updates so stay tuned for more if you enjoy what is below!

Hillarious LoL Tribunal Cases

In League of Legends, there is a community reporting tool that helps the community filter and temporary ban people who aren’t playing the game correctly.  This tool is called the tribunal and can be found at leagueoflegends.com/tribunal.

While taking part in the tribunal you can do up to ten cases a day, and for every case that closes with the correct answer chooses, you receive 5 IP points.   If you do tribunal everyday and don’t miss any cases, you can make 50 extra IP a day!

Here are some hilarious tribunal reports and cases, which conveniently were saved, so enjoy and don’t pity the noobs too bad!

Random Funny Sh!t Video

Random Funny stuff vide0, super funny video !

Funny Pictures 4-23-2012 Meme

Funny Pictures

Funny Nerd Safe for Work Pictures!

Boot Danger – Love for JMO

Boot Danger’s first single from his album “The Unforgivable Pwn”