Best Type of Champion to Carry with in Solo Queue?

Many people wonder what the best champion to carry in solo q in League of Legends is. 

I wonder this from time to time also, and while I am no professional, I am going to give you my experienced and educated opinion.

First off, it is important to know that League of Legends is a team game, but with that said, and as you have seen I am sure, people like to go lone wolf and 1v5 the enemy team.  I’ve come the conclusion that Ranged AD champions, and squishy champions/support champions are the hardest to actually carry a game on because they almost completely depend on your team being a team, and if you don’t get good positioning, or protection by your tank and CC’ers, you will be pwned.

The best combo would be something like a bruiser, or top laner, or if you duo with a buddy, you can do bruiser/jungler/top lane.  There are of course different scenarios as everything, and anything is technically viable, but for the consistent carry on your back wins, the tankier people will do better.

Here are some good champions to carry solo q with ( in my opinion and researched from professional’s opinions)











And the list goes on, but use your best judgement, and try to duo with a competent friend.  Get your good combos down, and try to steam roll from there.

A bit of advice, be AB-normal, as in gank people at level 2 with 3 people, then do the same to top.  Yes it will put you slightly behind on creeps, but it can allow for massive snow ball, and if you get a few more kills on someone, the game is basically won.

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