The internet has been my life, well, since I can remember first getting a computer.  I can only imagine the hours I have spent sitting in my computer chair, teaching myself something new, doing good in an awesome video game, or just relaxing and browsing different blogs.

The experience you can gain, and knowledge, from computers, and now a days Google, is frankly amazing.  I have learned so much online over the past ten or so years, that thinking back, I am shocked/jaw dropped, at how much I continue to steadily progress.  Lately I feel as if I teach myself things, fix a common computer issue, or learn an awesome way to play a video game, but then later just forget it.

This blog is a record to myself, and to anyone who cares to read and watch, of my life and my experiences.  The things I learn on a daily basis, will be posted here, the newbies I slay in league of legends, will be posted here, and everything else that’s random and decides to pop into my brain, will be posted here.  Check back often to TheLittleNerd.com and follow my life with me, one post at a time.