Free Twitch TV View Increasing Bot

Hello Fellow Nerds,

      If you didn’t already know, you can increase your Twitch TV viewer count by opening additional tabs or windows of your stream. This has it’s limits though as it has to load them all and can be laggy to the rest of the computer.  Here is a free Twitch TV Viewers Increasing Bot program which can open hundreds of tabs on the selected computer and hence will give your stream the publicity you need.  It works much better than doing it manually and uses less resources.

What is the point of a twitch view increasing bot?  Well, if you are new to streaming, it’s almost impossible to get to the top and get more than a few views.  The reason being is that how the site is setup is so the highest viewed streams are on the top, and you, are 500 streams down on the very bottom.  No one goes this far down to search for stream usually.  By using this bot you can get to the first or second viewing page of whatever game you are playing on twitch.  This will get you real people actually watching, and a fan base eventually, which hopefully leads to twitch offering you a partners program.

The File is free but I will need you to unlock the download via a survey as I do need some kind of filter so it doesn’t get banned to quickly.