Diablo 3 Dueling & PVP System FAQ

The time has finally come, the D3 PVP dueling patch, is on the public test realms currently.  It will be implemented into the live servers within the next month.  It only took them, I don’t know, a year and change to do it.  Enough of the complaints though! Here is all the information you need about the new PVP system in Diablo 3.

How to duel someone in Diablo 3?  Well you need to go to the PVP zone.

How do you get to the PVP zone? You talk to Nek the Brawler.

Where is Nek the Brawler?  Nek the Brawler is located in New Tristam.

How many people can the new D3 zone support? The new PVP zone can support 2-4 players at once, and is a free for all.

There are four different areas in the PVP zone, which is called Scorched Chapel.  The areas are the church, the river, the lake and the graveyard.

If you die in the dueling world, you resurrect in the same zone.

Death is not permanent for hardcore characters (nor  soft core obviously)

You will not take durability damage while in the PVP zone, which is good because if you get in there with TLN you will be dying, A LOT. ;)

The point of the dueling system is basically for fun and bragging right between friends currently.  Blizzard has stated they didn’t want it to be an E-Sport more of just a fun event and something to do.  Honestly, it will be like Diablo 2’s PVP system, but with less people and a little bit more control.   Balls to the wall and no holds barred.


Windows 8 Review | Best Parts of Windows 8

Welcome to The Little Nerd’s Official Windows 8 Review

Windows 8 in the latest Windows operating from Microsoft that replaces the older Windows 7 on laptops, as well as PCs. The new operating system is also found on some tablet devices. If you are planning to buy a new PC here are some things you need to know about Windows 8 and if it’s worth it for you to upgrade to this new version or not.
Windows 8 Review
The new version of Windows is perhaps the biggest upgrade since Windows 95 was. You’ll find this new version on new PCs and laptops you buy in the store. Older versions of Windows were essentially the same and easy to use once you got used to the system. Windows 7 for example was about the same as Windows XP it just had some upgrades. In Windows 8 the system is now a more modern interface that you can use with newer touchscreens as well as your keyboard or mouse.
Start Screen
The Start Screen is different in Windows 8 and there’s no traditional desktop as we have been familiar with before. Many people will find this confusing and it takes a lot of time to get used to the new system. The start button itself isn’t even visible; you’ll have to click in the lower left corner to access it. The start screen has a lot of extra information such as the weather, news, and your email box so it is helpful, it just looks a lot different than before.
With Windows 8 the programs are now called “apps” much like they are on smartphones. An app such as the maps feature for example will open full screen and there’s not the traditional buttons to close the app down. This is done in the middle of the screen and then dropping the app back down to the bottom of the screen to close it completely. This is different from previous Windows versions and takes time to get used to. You can also open two apps at the same time and have them appear on the screen. Windows 8 makes more use out of shortcuts and you’ll be using these a lot when working with this new operating system.
Charms Bar
Another new feature of Windows 8 is the Charms bar. You can access this in the right hand edge of your screen. You can access search, share, start, devices, and settings. The search feature is a better search function and with sharer you can share your content on the Internet depending upon the app you’re using. Stat takes you to the start screen. Devices show you information about your installed devices such as a printer. The setting shows you your volume, screen brightness and so on.

Getting Used to Windows 8
The way you do things in Windows 8 is so vastly different that many people will be turned off of the system initially. Things do get better the more that you use it but for many are going to want to stay with Windows 7. This system tries too hard to be like a mobile operating system and doesn’t really act like the regular Windows operating system. Some people will like this new version while others are not going to like it at all.