Hyper Fast WW Barb Build – 1.0.5 – Beginner Barbarian Guide


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If you are already well versed in the WW Barb build, this thread may not help you much. If you are somewhat familiar or new, this thread has everything you need to build a speed demon WW farming machine.


For 1.0.5, concentrate more on getting ASI up. If you can add some lifesteal and LOH, great. ASI on gear and a fast offhand (dagger with innate ASI is nice) this will help offset the proc nerf. This is tested and functions fine in PTR highest levels. Check my build to see what I use if you are curious. I had no problems rolling through PTR with my ASI up and the same LOH and LS from 1.0.4.

This spec is for speed and to kill all whites along the way quickly. It is built to hold fury and carry WOTB for as long as possible. I found my old build that does not emphasize ASI and Movement speed to be slow, so this is my guide to my build, if you are interested. Aim for these stats, showing in your details list with these passives on :

Weapons Master, Nerves of Steel (or tough as nails if it makes more HP), Ruthless
UPDATE : you may want to change out Nerves if you have super armor – for something else you may like that has been changed in 1.0.5 like Animosity or wtvr.
If you go over any of the stats I would recommend it being strength first.

Armor : 5500 (level 62 or 63 helps, or +armor on whatever is a bonus)
All Resist : 550 (get it wherever you can. Easier on shoulders, chest, legs, feet)
- Keep armor : res at 10:1 ratio. This is the most effective. Dont get off the ratio.
- I will not explain the ratio here, buts its been mathimatically worked out.
- This gets your damage reduction on each over 60% minimum.
- You can skimp here a little. Keep the ratio.

Strength : 2000
- Keep it high as you can. This is a minimum. Get it wherever you can.
- Dont forget the every str point is and armor point too.

HP : 40,000 (get vit over life%, but both will do. Nerves of steel uses vit)
- Basic amount, you can skimp a couple k too.

Crit. Chance : 45% (most important stat – get it everywhere, maxed if you can)
- You MUST have high crtch. The whole build revolves around it.
- Stacking crtch/B. Rage with Mighty Weap allows high fury regen.

Crit. damage : 400% total (I get all my Crt Dmg from quad crit on weaps.)
- Main hand 1k plus Axe with double crit.
- Off Hand dagger etc (high attack speed) with 700+ LOH, double crit.
- It is easy to get the crit dmg on weaps, hard on gear with other stats.

Life On Hit : 1200 (get on Off Hand and Ammy only)
- LOH is important to stay alive. The attack speed is what procs this more.
- Try to get all of this between OH and Amulet. This is best.
- You cant start to drop LOH under 1000 or less once your damage gets godly.

Life steal : 2.8% (belt)
- Absolutely a must. Your damage is so high this is your #1 survival method.
- This has become more importand in patch 1.0.5

Movement Speed : +24% (boots and bracers/chest)
- Go fast. Have fun. Faster move = more mobs = more fury = more fun!
- drops more tornadoes faster.

Attacks Per Second : 1.8 (over all in details list)
- Attack speed is what makes your tornadoes tick more.
- Tornadoes do damage based on Main Hands damage.
- Tornadoes tick based on speed of last weapon swung.
- Attack speed listed on weapon is for that weapon only. ASI from gear is for both hands
- Fast Tick Tornadoes heal faster, kill faster, regen fury a LOT faster
- I get ASI on rings, ammy, bracers, DW

Damage : 80k at rest (passives on, no skills popped, with axe)
- You can get a safe 65K if you use Mighty Weapon instead.
- When you pop WOTB, you will see what a phsycopath you are.
- When you get good at using the build, WOTB lasts forever – RAWR!
- You can still do well with a little less damage.

Skills : Battle Rage – Into the Fray (fury generator)
War Cry – Impunity (buffs and fury generator)
Sprint – Run like the Wind (The core of the build, your main damage dealer)
Wrath of the Berzerker – Thrive on Chaos (Phsycopath!)

Main attack : Bash – Instigation (Hard hit, fury generator, not for main damage)

Secondary attack : Whirlwind – Hurricane (What else? Keep that speed up!)

Put all this together and what you have is a fast moving, hard hitting, surviving barb that has super strong fast tick tornadoes. Tornadoes derive their damage from your main hand (20%). They tick based on the attack speed of the last weapon swung. The proc coefficient is 20% (to activate your LOH and LS). This build maximizes these things. My tornadoes spawn more (movement speed), tick faster (attack speed), generate fury and health faster (proc more cause of high tick), and hit harder (main hand damage). They melt everything and are the core of the build. Not revolutinary, but I dont see many barbs with 25% ASI and 24% movement.

Dont skimp on weapons. Your main hand can be an Axe if you need the crit chance, but once you get higher DPS go with a Mighty Weapon with double crit as this is much better at holding fury! Double crit and over 1k (ish) base for either of those. Your offhand should have most of your LOH (800 if you can, search 700) and double crit. Usually a dagger because they ar fast. Any other stats is a bonus (IAS, str, vit etc.) These will not be cheap.

I try to get all my LOH on OH and ammy. That way I can stack high crt ch, asi and str on rings, gloves, bracers. Dont forget the belt – you need a full stat load on that. Life steal is a must!

You can armory ‘THEGOLDENAXE’ if you want to have a refference to go on and base your gear upon that.


Many have asked me to add this because obviously this build can cost a billion. So here is a quick reference to my build, cheap style. Search the following and try to snipe the best available in bids!! BIN is usually too much! Rares are now MUCH cheaper due to legendary buffs! Use rares, forget the legendaries for a beginner build, they are very effective!

Helm : Str, vit, RA, CrtCh, socket.
Shoulders : Str, vit, RA
Amulet : Str, RA, Vit, CrtCh, ASI, LOH 300+
Chest : Str, Vit, RA, 3 sockets
Pants : Str, Vit, RA, 2 sockets
Belt : Str, Vit, RA, Life Steal 2.8% or greater
Gloves : Str, Vit, RA, CrtCh, ASI
Bracers : Str, Vit, RA, CrtCh
Rings : High Str, CrtCh, ASI
Boots : Str, Vit, RA, Movement 12%
Main Hand : DPS 900+, Crit Dmg (50%+), socket (axe or mighty weap)
Off hand : DPS 600+, Crt Dmg (50%+) LOH 800+, socket

Now I understand that you may not be able to get all stats on everything in your budget. However, if you move them around a bit, you can find deals. Lots of stuff is cheap when one value is low – just do the inverse on a complimentary piece of gear (High str, low vit, reverse for next piece – both cheap!) The most expensive things will be the amulet and OH, perhaps you may find them cheap! Over all, it does not matter how you allocate stats, just aim for these overall values in your details screen with Ruthless, Nerves of Steal and Weapons Master for passives, NO cooldowns popped! :

Str : 2000 (DPS and Armor for this, most important base stat!)
HP : 30K plus (40K ideal, but pricey!)
Armor : 5000
RA : 500
CrtChance : 35% (will buff higher when you pop your cooldowns – do not go lower!)
CrtDamage : 350% (this comes from your weaps – 50% on each with sockets n gems)
APS : 1.6 (fast offhand dagger is best, Swords second, MH is 1.3, rest is gear buffs for ASI)
LOH : 1200 if you can get it, a little less is OK
Life Steal : 2.8% minimum. (On belt. If you can get it on weap, easy to get boss belt!)
Movement Speed : +12% minimum

This should get you moving! There are many combinations to get these stats, just do your best sniping those auctions!