Best XP Per Hour Places to Farm Paragon Levels in Inferno

Currently there are a few things to note while grinding out paragon levels on your Diablo 3 character.  It really comes down to magic finding and getting NV (Neph Valor) stacks.  The Arreat Crater different levels are very good for XP PER HOUR in act 3. Stygian Crawler are in many numbers there, up to 30 in one small pack, easy AOE experience.

I personally can’t farm act 3 yet, but the XP is about 2.5x that of act 1.  Here is a small chart of XP per different type of minion in acts 1, 2, and 3.


  • 2156 XP – Plague Carrier
  • 2300 XP – Skeleton
  • 2875 XP – Risen, Walking Corpse, Ravenous Dead, Blood Clan Warrior
  • 3594 XP – Servant of Jondar, Hungry Corpse, Highland Walker
  • 5750 XP – Savage Beast

Butcher gave around 57.000 XP.


  • 3600 XP – Betrayed, Sand Wasp, Dune Thresher, Fallen, Cultist, Fallen Peon, Writhing Deceiver, Accursed, Vile Swarm
  • 3960 XP – Serpent Magus
  • 4500 XP – Fallen Master
  • 5400 XP – Lacuni Slasher, Pain Monger

The entire Belial encounter earned about 111.000 XP. Kulle encounter was 54.000 XP.


  • 3375 XP – Demon Trooper, Fallen Mongrel, Dark Skeletal Bowman, Skeletal Marauder, Icy Quillback
  • 4500 XP – Fallen Prophet, Fallen Grunt, Soul Ripper, Swift Skull Cleaver, Blood Clan Warrior, Blood Clan Spearman, Reviled, Fallen Soldier, Stygian Crawler, Succubus, Blazing Ghoul, Tormented Stinger, Phasebeast, Winged Molok
  • 5625 XP – Fallen Overlord
  • 6750 XP – Herald of Pestilence, Demonic Tremor
  • 11250 XP – Bloated Malachor

BOSS XP – Act 3:

  • Winged Molok 4500 XP
  • Demonic Serpent 6750 XP
  • Blood Clan Occultist 4500 XP
  • Each Champion gives 3x XP. The main guy (yellow) from rare pack gives 3x XP
  • Ghom 90,000 XP (the 2 little adds don’t give XP)
  • Siegebreaker 4500 XP (LOL WTF)
  • Cydaea 112,500 XP (little spiders don’t give XP)
  • Azmodan (no adds) 90,000 XP

Act 4

  • Diablo 22,500 XP, each Shadow clone 4500 XP.

So as you can see act 3 is where it is at for leveling, if you can manage to kill things with decent speed, or else you are better just farming act 1 for the XP side of things.  Hope this article can help you improve your pwn! Please feel free to comment with anything left out or that you would want to add.