Best Word Press Security Plugin for 2012

Recently I have been doing a lot of research for security on my blog network, and this blog.  I’ve come up with Word fence as my favorite security and firewall plugin.  It is free, great, has a live traffic view and an assortment of configurable options.

Pros – You can see currently users online, most recent login attempts, lock out wrong logins, and throttle usage of the site if someone is trying to spam it and slow it down.  Obviously it can go much deeper than this, but really just check it out.  If you are new to blogging, you need some sort of security plugin.  With word fence you can eliminate all brute force hacking attempts and quickly shy away any hacker from wasting time trying to get into your site.

One thing I do wish they had was country blocking.  Those douche bags in China keep trying to hack the site non-stop every day, and I want to put a stop to it.  One day!

Try it out; let me know what you think.  I have not tried all the security plugins yet, so if you know of an equally as good one, or better, share it!