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~* – Controls for NES are – *~

| Arrow Keys = Move / Z = B / X = A / Control = Select / Enter = Start | Enjoy & PWN |

* All games listed on site are personally owned by myself IRL(In Real Life) *

How to Easily Cancel An Auction In Diablo 3

We all know how annoying it can be to post an item, then an hour later realize it’s not going to sell and you are at 10/10 listed.

Well good news, there is a glitch to get around this, and it’s so easy! They also plan to patch it so you can cancel an auction anytime, but that patch is not out yet, so I’m just gonna tell you about it now!

Here are the steps…

1. Open Auction house (keep game open during this whole process)

2. Change your computers date, say from Monday the 5th, to Saturday the 3rd, (2 days is fine)

3. Check back on the Auction house – Yep, you now can cancel and relist your auction! 

4. Don’t forget to change the time back after canceling so you don’t miss your mom and dad’s birthdays

I promise this works as of 6-10-12, so enjoy and make some extra gold with the auction house in diablo 3 - EZ PZ BRO! Keep on Nerd’n!

Good Inferno Monk Guide and Strats for Act 1 & 2 Inferno

For Starters and Noobs- When you first reach Act 1 inferno you have noticed how hard it is(mainly by how hard they hit) compared to Hell difficulty. The reason this is so hard for a monk is because through the whole game, normal-hell, all a monk had to do was go into a group of mobs and face roll. In inferno you cannot do that, well until you’re geared that is. So you have to use this thing call skill to be able to start farming in Act 1.

Act 1 Inferno Monk Stats
32,746 Hp
616 Strength
1165 Dex
193 intel
759 Vit

6935.80 Damage (was using a weapon that had 450 damage and 400+ LOH)
5976(66.58%) Armor
189 All Resistance
41% Dodge


As you can see these stats are very poor at best. But i was still doing runs through Act 1 with little problem. The one problem i did have at this point was that i could not kill the butcher and that was because my damage output was too little. I’d say you should be able to kill him if you have somewhere around 10k damage.


So the skill i mentioned above is what made it possible for me to make it in Act 1 inferno and made it farm-able. What you do is basically have your earth ally and Templar tank for you while you stay behind them attacking with deadly reach. To make this the most efficient way I would bring the elite group to a choke point(a narrow passing like a bridge). This would block the elite group from touching me and would allow me to just put out the most damage i could.

Do realize that death is main part of inferno. You will die all the time. But the deaths are well worth the item drops and gold, so keep coming back for more and they will soon pop into a million rares :) .

Best Areas to Farm in Act 1 Inferno-

The best area to farm in act 1 would be from the beginning of Imprisoned Angle quest to the end of the quest(killing the warden). You do want 5 stacks of Nephilim Valor before you reach the Warden. So in the rare occasions where you do not have the 5 stacks just take a way point to a earlier part of the act to find a champion pack. With 5 stacks of Nephilim Valor the Warden should drop 2-4 rares and like 5-10 blues.

Once you start start getting more resistance and damage you can start trying more damage dealing builds. You can also change up from using a templar and start using the enchantress for her CC abilities.

Act 2
I just started to be able to farm act 2 with little to no problem. Although there are those times you get a champion pack you just have to skip. I would suggest not farming act 2 until you are geared for it.

These are the stats i have right now in act 2(unbuffed).




I basically use the same skill technique as i did when i first hit act 1 inferno. The difference here is that i use the enchantress over the Templar due to the sole fact that she has crowd controlling abilities. What you do is basically have your earth ally tank for you while you stay behind them attacking with deadly reach. To make this the most efficient way I would bring the elite group to a choke point(a narrow passing like a bridge). This would block the elite group from touching me and would allow me to just put out the most damage i could.

Enchantress skills- The skills i use with the enchantress are, charm, Powered Armor, Disorient, and mass control.

Area of Farm for Act 2-The most farmed area in Act 2 is the the start of the quest City of Blood to the killing of Magdha. Make sure when you get to her you have 5 stacks of NV. If you do not have five stacks just go back and try to find some more packs.

Where did i get my gold/ items????

Well the easy answer to this is by farming(mostly act 1 inferno and some gold from act 3 hell).
What gave me gold, i can sum this up to about two to three items that drop from act 1 inferno. Sold each of these items for over a million each.

1. Make sure your buffs are always up this includes your earth ally.

2. Its good to clear out an area of the map so that you have room to kite. This reduces the chance of other mobs being pulled.

3. Keep a set of pure MF gear in your inventory. When killing a pack or boss and the last monster you have to kill is below 100k hp switch out for your MF gear and kill the monster. This gives you a much higher chance of an epic item dropping.

4. Knowing all other classes and what they look for in items. This will make it so you know what items will sell to the AH and what items you should charsi(sell to vendor).

5. You should read this. Every class should. Explains the amount of effective hp you have from resistance and armor.


(Also to keep in mind about using the Mantra of Healing with +20% resistance rune vs. Mantra of Evasion with +20% armor rune. Your armor should be ten times the amount of your resistance, or your resistance should be 1/10 the amount of your armor. Resistence is ten times more effective then armor but you want to keep these numbers close and always chase the one that needs a bigger boost. For example, if you had 200 to all resistance, and had 3000 armor, you should use the Mantra of Healing with +20% resistance rune. But lets say you had 2000 armor and 300 resistance to all, you should be using the Mantra of Evasion with +20% armor rune.)

6.To know how to make it so you can use more then one defensive ability, Go to Options > Gameplay > Check “Elective Mode

7.(Will add more tips when i can think of more. Also if you have any please leave a comment)

Most of the Guide was Written by Scotty from D3 Forums

Best New Barbarian Build in Group Play – D3

Great Post and Guide Written by Zrave from Diablo 3 Forums

I wanted to share a new build I’ve been working on for playing in groups. I don’t think the tank barbarian build I use is very effective in groups, for several reasons, but mainly because:

1) Additional players and losing the enchantress make you take a lot more damage so the gear requirement to tank mobs goes up a lot.

2) You can’t rely on always having aggro and mobs neatly stacking on you for revenge spam.

Without further delay, here’s the new build I’m working on. I call it the linebacker, because it reminds me of a famous warrior build I designed for Guild Wars.


(You must have a Mighty Weapon for this build to work.)

I played a variant of this build during Temerity’s initial run up to Inferno Diablo, but I’ve since made some improvements on it that have made it a lot more powerful. It’s still not complete but I haven’t been playing enough in groups to test everything I want. I decided to release the build in a “beta” stage so that those of you that regularly play in groups can test it out and maybe together we can perfect it.

As you can tell by the lack of revenge, this build is not designed to tank packs of mobs. Rather, it is designed to support a ranged dps group by not allowing enemies to reach them, while contributing to the ranged damage.

Reasoning behind each skill:

- Seismic Slam (Strength of the Earth): The idea for this skill is that with the Weapon Master passive and using a Mighty Weapon, each target you hit gives you back 3 rage, while a well aimed Seismic Slam often hits more than 5 targets. The Strength of the Earth rune reduces the cost to 15 rage, basically allowing you to seismic slam forever.


- Cleave (Gathering Storm): I wanted to have something to use while rage was low, and cleave fits nicely. I chose the Gathering Storm rune because Elite packs are immune to knock back, so I need something other than seismic slam to keep them away from your casters. Also, it’s helpful against ranged enemies. I have not tested this enough to know if it’s the best choice.

- Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash): A solid all around skill, earns its slot due to the defensive options it provides. It can however also be used offensively, gathering up enemies to be more effectively AOE.

- Threatening Shout (Demoralize): This is one slot I’m unsure of. I wanted the defensibility afforded by the shout, and the Demoralize rune works as a second peel and is invaluable against ranged units, especially annoying ones like the Morlu Incinerator. It might not be needed.

- Leap (Iron Impact): I always like having at least one mobility skill, and the iron impact rune also gives you a very nice defensive cool down. Best used right after a Threatening shout so that the taunted enemies’ damage is mitigated.

- War Cry (Impunity): Solid buff, reduces your personal damage taken by quite a bit and also helps everyone else in the party. Especially useful if you have a monk since they stack resists.

Passives: I may not need this much rage generation, but during my tests I had issues with Weapon Master returning me less than it should. I wanted to make the Seismic Slam consistent, but since the build is not exactly gimp without it, perhaps it is not necessary.

Weapon Master is a necessity for the Seismic Slam combo so it definitely earns its slot.

Unforgiving is there because I wanted to have an initial clip of rage to work with at the start of the fight. Perhaps not necessary if I rely instead on the rage generating skills for the same purpose.

Ruthless is for increased dps. I visualize this build as having the potential to gear more offensively, since it doesn’t have to tank packs of mobs. Sadly both brawler and berserker rage are inappropriate, since rage will not be maxed and enemies are actively being pushed out of melee range.

It may be necessary to use some defensive passives anyway, testing will show.

Things to test:

- Wrath of the Berserk (Thrive on Chaos) – This has amazing potential, since so much rage is being generated in this build. I need to know how much additional duration would be gained in a typical fight to determine if it’s worth it.

- Battle Rage – Perhaps the build wants to maximize DPS rather than just control.

Known weaknesses:

Elite champs and bosses are immune to knock back, drastically reducing the effectiveness of the Seismic Slam combo. While you can help out in other ways, especially if there are also regular mobs aggro-ed at the same time, I find that often I just try to keep the pack aggro-ed and kite them around while ranged DPS kills them. This may be valuable still, but is definitely a weakness in the build.