How to Easily Make Money from RMAH in Diablo 3

Recently I have been toying around with ways to make money from the real money auction house in D3.  Just like the normal gold auction house it can be frustrating to list 10 items, to only realize a few hours later that they aren’t going to sell and you have to wait another day and a half.  After some trial and error I think I’ve found a way to make *at least* 5-10 dollars a day if you try.  Which obviously depends on random number generator etc., but on average I do believe this is very possible, even for the casual 1-2 hour a day gamer.

How to make the real cash money!? Tell us please little nerd!

Well, what I have been doing is crafting +5 (and even +4 would somewhat work but the odds are more against you with the +4 stats) stat armor with my crafting character.  I’ve only made boots/chest/helms so far, but I have had a few that have sold for 9.99, and other items which I underprice and just list for 1.99 – 4.99.  You can buy most +5 stat recipes from the gold auction house for 250-500k gold, which isn’t really too much compared to the 20-30 million gold recipes for +6 stats.  A stack of 100 inferno essences are about 180k last time I checked, and tombs / tears are very cheap(like 15k for 100ish).

Totals – (just average estimates)

100 x Inferno Essences -180kish

Tombs x 1– 500ish each

Tears x 1 (rare inferno mats) – 500ish each

Average +5 stat crafting prices – 40kish

Average gold spent per item is about 100kish

Now, I am not breaking down the gold exactly, you can do that on your own since this guide will be around a while and the auction house prices will drop, so check for yourself to price it out.

So, to make a profit you will need to gross over 100k per item, which obviously is a gamble, but here is where my point comes in.  Instead of farming all day, hoping for one good item to sell on the RMAH, you can just invest a little bit of gold, and out of say a million gold you invest (which really isn’t much), you can have 10-15ish pairs of boots.  Out of those boots, AT LEAST 2-5 will be good and able to sell on the RMAH.

Final Point – Instead of farming for hours to find items to sell on RMAH, Craft items with the abundant gold you have, and then sell for mediocre prices on the RMAH.  It’s quicker than farming, you almost ALWAYS get your money back, by gold or real money, and the only thing you need to have is about 1 million gold and a decent recipe/max level 10 crafter.

This guide is really aimed at people who are trying to make cash and money from diablo 3, and not people who are trying to turn a profit with items on the gold Auction House.  You can defiantly still get good profits most the time but this is for the RMAH.   Sorry for repeating myself, I know this guide is vague but I believe you can use this method to make the fastest cash on the Real Money Auction House.

I will soon either update this post, or make a new one with some items that I’ve crafted, sold for real money, and how much gold I spent to roll that item.  I will include pictures so you can believe me and hopefully figure out your niche to make a few extra bucks a day/month, as I’m sure we could all use it.

Hope this guide was somewhat helpful, and have a great day! – Boot Danger / TLN

Best in Slot Gear Guide for Demon Hunter – Updated for Patch 1.0.3

The Previous Best in Slot for Demon Hunter guide posted on here, with original credit to ACE from the D3 forums, is a little out dated since the 1.0.3 patch and attack speed nerf bat.  Here is an updated list for BiS gears for a demon hunter, with updated stat priority.

Good Resources

DPS Calculator –

Check How Your Own Stats Scale –

Stat Priority on Gear – (Aiming for best possible damage with ‘ok’ survivability )

Critical Hit Chance -> Attack Speed -> Critical Hit Damage -> Dexterity -> +Damage


IAS and ASI are different on legendaries.  Currently only IAS is broken on legendaries, but is supposed to be fixed by patch 1.0.4.  

(IAS = Increases attack speed / ASI = Attack speed increased)


Now for the Gear list!

BiS Demon Hunter Helm

1. Andariel’s Visage

2. Mempo of Twilight

3. Natalya’s Gaze

4. Appropriate rare

BiS Demon Hunter Shoulders

1. Seven Sins

2. Appropriate rare


BiS Demon Hunter Chest

1. Tyrael’s Might

2. Natalya’s Shadow

3. The Inquisitor

3. Beckon Sail

BiS Demon Hunter Bracers/Wrists

1. Appropriate rare

2. Strongarm Bracers

3. Lacuni Prowlers


BiS Demon Hunter Gloves

1. Appropriate rare

2. Immortal King’s Forge

3. Sage’s Grasp

BiS Demon Hunter Belt/Waist

1. Appropriate rare

2. Hellcat’s Waist guard

3. Inna’s Blessing

BiS Demon Hunter Pants

1. Appropriate rare

2. Inna’s Glory

BiS Demon Hunter Boots

1. Zunimassa’s Journey

2. Natalya’s Soul

3. Appropriate rare

4. Asheara’s Lock

5. Boj Anglers

6. Ice Climbers

BiS Demon Hunter Amulet

1. Ouroboros

2. Appropriate rare

3. The Flavor of Time

BiS Demon Hunter Rings

1. Skull Grasp

2. Natalya’s Mark

3. Appropriate rare

4. Eternal Union

5. Appropriate Rare

BiS Demon Hunter Quiver

1. Dead Man’s Legacy

2. Black Bone Arrows

3. Appropriate rare

I don’t feel this list needs explanation about what stats you should get on the legendary/set items above, as you can reference to the stat priority list above at the top of the post.  The credit for the item list goes to Samfisher and others from the D3 forums.

Boot Danger’s Wizard Guide for Diablo 3 – Updated for Patch 1.0.3

Since the 1.0.3 patch many people have been complaining about their DPS being nerfed. Well yes, this is the case, but the fact of the matter is everyone got nerfed, along with the monsters of Inferno!  Many people have it worse than us Wizards, so stop the QQ and just adapt.  I am personally glad at the fact we now have more gearing options, and an all-around set, as opposed to a full glass cannon set, is much more appealing.

Here are some basic tips which need to be covered since the patch.

  1. IAS got nerfed.  It is still a good and much needed stat! Before you could grab two 50,000 gold rings from the auction house and increase your DPS by 25-50% – not as intended! Each IAS item (rings x 2 and gloves will do) are still critical in a good all-around DPS/Defensive build and help the attack animation greatly.
  2. Repairs/dying/farming locations! – Take advantage of the new drop tables.  The 1.0.3 patch has punished the zerging and glass cannon builds by increasing repair costs.  If you are dying too much in act 2/3/4, just do inferno act 1 runs until your gear can keep you alive more often in the higher acts.
  3. Making Money in 1.0.3 – Quick fact – easy way to make money from 1.0.3 is to just get mats from the blues that drop and sell them on the auction house for a good chunk of change.  They sell well.  You can also craft but obviously it is a gamble and not something you may want to take a chance on when you still need tons of gear to pwn the nub mobs.

What are the primary stats needed on a wizard since 1.0.3 to clear inferno?

Gearing is difficult to figure out, but prioritize Intelligence / vitality / crit / crit dmg / IAS (on rings x 2 and gloves) % Life is good when you can find it but not a necessity.


You can use the above gear to relate to, it is gear from a player who has cleared inferno and has over 70k dps, 40k+ life and 1k resists, which is a good all-around gear set.

What Mercenary to use? I currently use the scoundrel, as I use a cold damage bow and it’s great for my play style of kiting as it slows all enemies hit, plus gives me critical hit chance.

What is the best wizard build for Inferno? The game is dynamic, and there are many good builds, but there is a few which I personally enjoy and work good for myself, and others as I have seen through research.

Build –!YXd!cYbZYY

Build /w Electrocute –!YXd!bYbZYY

Reasoning – This is basically the build I use for act1/2/3 farming and progressing.  I like it because it fits my play style and I’ve come to love teleport, especially when it comes to “waller” and “fast” monster affixes.  The Magic missiles can be subbed out for electrocute with the piercing rune, I use both, electrocute is faster for act 1 I think.   The arcane orb is super sweet for clearing groups of minions, usually 1-3 arcane orbs and the entire group is blow to smithereens.

That’s all I have for now.  The biggest thing is finding your own comfortable play style,  I enjoy kiting, but It’s totally possible with enough life/dmg/resits to tank a lot of hits from monsters and not have to kite as much.  To each their own, but the gear example at the top should direct you in the right path to know what good gear to shoot for if you want to beat the entire game, in Inferno mode.

One last thing – The difference between stats is very small when playing the auction house.  A million + gold item is only 25-50 stats better than a 50k item.  Take time to learn the market and you will be able to tell what gear is worth what.

Hope this guide was semi-useful, feel free to comment and let me know what’s up or what build works good for you.



50+ Useful Tips and Tricks for Diablo 3

Hey again my fellow nerds, here is a great list of useful tips and tricks for Diablo 3. 

Most Veteran players will know most of this, but I’m sure there are still multiple things everyone can get out of this post.  This is a repost from Reddit, and the names in ( *** ) is the contributors name on Reddit. 

The Original post can be found HERE. 

Enjoy and improve your PWN!

1 – CTRL + Mousing over and item on the ground (outside of inventory) shows stats so you aren’t forced it up. (kallell)

Doing this while having your inventory open should compare the item on the ground to what you currently are wearing as well. (broken1000)

2- There is a “force move” (labeled “Move” and is unbound by default) button that is unbound by default. This is helpful for running through packs of monsters and not accidentally clicking and attacking one. (need to manually bind) (kallell)

3- You can link items by bringing up the chat text box and shift + clicking an item, making it easier to show items to people to see if they need them or if you’re in different areas. (twincannon)

4- If you think you have an upgrade for someone you’re playing with, instead of asking him you can inspect him by right clicking his icon on the top-left. (twincannon)

5- Whites/grays sell for next to nothing and really aren’t worth the inventory space outside of the first act, just toss that junk for less town trips (make sure to check the prices in nightmare mode and beyond though, who knows if this will change later on). (twincannon)

6- Buy +2-4 damage magic rings ASAP, they’re pretty overpowered when they become equip able at level 6. Restart the game a few times if they don’t show up, or if they give a poor secondary bonus. (twincannon). Buy @ Radek the Fence: (Sf4tt)

7- Never sell magic items to a vendor as the crafting mats will probably sell for more in most cases (will change in retail but in beta, magic stuff sold for 50-75 usually and the essence sold for 150). Also rumors that you can trade the essence upwards, i.e. 10 normal mode essence for 1 nightmare mode one. (twincannon)

8- Don’t waste money on bigger stash early on, make mules to hold items, (twincannon)

9- If leveling up with a friend, designate one of you for leveling up the jeweler artisan (JC is MUCH cheaper) and one for blacksmith artisan, saving half the money required. (twincannon)

Although I don’t remember the exact numbers, the Blacksmith will require about ~700,000 gold to level up to max, while the jeweler will only take about ~45,000. (tolvinar)

10- You can hold left click to run around and simply tap shift to “stutter walk” fire instead of clicking the mouse (holding shift and casting will make you cast the ability in place,), works well for ranged characters to give your clicking finger a bit of a break. (twincannon)

11- If you’ve got a big friends list and don’t want people to join your game without your permission, or just want to play alone, there’s an option to disallow “Quick Join” under social options which is what makes your game show up with a “Join” button for friends (twincannon)

12-If you open your inventory (C or I), and THEN hold ctrl while mousing over the ground loot, it will pop out the compare box instead of just the item’s own stat box. (similar to when mousing over an item in your inventory — shows dps changes, etc.) (exuled)

13- And if you hold ALT it will compare to your off-hand/equip to your off-hand, while in inventory of course. Handy for dual-wielders. Also works on rings. (Nyctalgia)

14- You need to activate lecterns yourself. It is different than a chest as only you can activate your lecterns. If they don’t drop lore they can still drop gold. (rec916)

15- When you are leaving a game and the timer is counting down because you are not in town, your mouse does not work but your keyboard does. You may be frozen and getting beat up while waiting to leave the game but you can still fire off those skills with 1-4. (rec916)

16-Lore books give EXP, make sure to pick up all you can. (Only works on lore books you have not already picked up!) (ethereal4k)

17- Elective mode (off by default). Gives MUCH more customization on where to stick your skills on your bar. (KroBa)

18 – Advanced tool tips (off by default). Shows advanced skill information such as % damage increase and what the skill does (KroBa)

19- While each player gets their own loot and gold drops, the health globes you pick up are shared and will heal other players if they are nearby. (Tolvinar)

20- Hitting “g” will make your banner fly down wherever your mouse is pointing at. Shows off your achievements as well. (Tolvinar)

21- Hitting “f” will bring up your follower’s (templar’s) inventory. Don’t forget to choose his skills and give him equipment! (Tolvinar)

22- Once you begin the fight with Jondar, use town portal and then wait in town for about 2 minutes. Once you go back through the portal Jondar will have summoned about 50 skeletons. They will most likely be in a tight group so you can get big massacre bonuses from this.( Tolvinar) That tip with Jondar will be great if they still have the achievement to kill 20 monsters in a single hit. I never managed that in the beta. (Oneironaut2)

23- Pressing “alt” will make items on the ground show their names for 10 seconds. The time can be adjusted in the options menu. (Tolvinar)

24- Intead of playing with your pinky on the shift key and the rest of your appendages on numbers 1-4 try this. switch the hold key from shift (default) to the spacebar. I felt it more comfortable if I played spacebar instead of shift. (spaceboundmonkeys)

25- Pressing ‘Z’ zooms in on your character until you press it again. (nathanstratton2010)

26- Checking the advanced tooltips option in the game play menus will show additional item information in your inventory while holding CTRL key. (snhender)

27- Numpad 0-9 will make your character say in game phrases (both audible and to chat). (kallell)

28- When hovering over a weapon in your inventory or a merchant it will bring up your currently equipped item to compare. However if you’re dual wielding it will only bring up your primary hand. To quick view the other hand just hold alt. (dextini)

29 -You must be level 10 to do hardcore. (kallell)

30 – Your battletag is what is going to show up in game to your friends. As of now, character names really do not matter outside of the character select screen and in game dialog with NPCs. Pick a battletag that’s easily remembered and that you wouldn’t mind others seeing! (kallell)

31- Patch 1.0.1. bug – Running programs that put an overlay over Diablo III (such as Mumble, Xfire, and MSI Afterburner) can cause Diablo III to crash. Use these overlays at your own risk. (kallell)

32- Treasure goblins will disappear if they are not killed fast enough. Make sure once you see them they become a priority as they can drop vast amounts of gold and loot. (kallell)

33- Gems in game drop up to rank 8 now, ranks 9-14 need to be crafted. (kallell)

34 – Magic find is averaged across group members. IE: if player a has 300 mf, and player B has 100, the MF rate for the group is 200. You get 20% of companion MF(kallell)

35- There is no “procs” for new recipes in crafting. All recipes become available on a rank by rank basis. (kallell)

36- Monster scaling (damage and HP) depends on the difficulty (norm, nightmare, hell, inferno) and players in game. Details can be seen here – (kallell) You WILL NOT get more exp per monsters the more players you have in the game. You do however, gain killing speed – theoretically farming monsters faster which in turn gives more exp and loot. (kallell)

37- If you fall behind or wander off away from your party, use your town portal and click their banner to quickly catch up.

38- Make sure to delete your D3 beta entirely (including files in programdata/battlenet) ortherwise your D3 install may not work correctly. (kallell)

39- MAKE SURE TO UPDATE GRAPHIC CARD DRIVERS (and sound card drivers if you have non-integrated ones)! This can have vast improvements on FPS. (kallell)

41- There will be two types of auction houses. RMAH and Gold AH. Gold sounds exactly like what it is. Sell and buy items off the AH with in game gold. With RMAH, you have two options. Send money straight to paypal or use “battle bucks”. If you choose to use battle bucks, the money will reside in your bnet account and can be used for other AH purchases, or blizzard merchandise. YOU CANNOT cash this out. If you intend on getting cash for items, be sure to go the paypal route.(kallell)

42- RMAH will not be available for the first week after launch. (kallell)

43-RMAH: – Blizzard charges $1 + 15% transfer fee to paypal for items.

-For commodities Blizzard charges 15% for the item itself, and another 15% transfer fee to paypal.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY AN ADDITIONAL $0.30 + 2.9% paypal fee Formulas:


(Sale Price – 1)*(1-Blizzard to Paypal Transfer Fee) = Profit

(Sale Price – 1)*(1-.15) = Profit


(Sale Price)(1-Blizzard Commodities Fee)(1-Blizzard to Paypal Transfer Fee) = Profit

(Sale Price)(1-.15)(1-.15) = Profit

What are commodities? Crafting materials (from salvaging items), gems, and gold.

Additional info and calculation tables – (kallell)

44-The official authenticator should be out today (May 14th) for 6.50 + S. However, you can always get the mobile app for free on any smartphone. (kallell) **Furthermore at the very least, make sure you sign up for mobile alerts. That way you get texted if anything is changed on your account (password, personal info, etc) Info and signup is here – (kallell)

45 – Dual wielding gives 15% attack speed bonus. (riraito)

46- The best magic finding will be from killing rares around the world rather than simply boss farming (unlike d2). Every rare pack you kill, you gain a (stacking) Nephalem valor buff which increases your gold and magic find. Dying or switching runes removes this buff. Only kicks in after level 60(kallell)

47-You can re-assign the 1234 keys to QWER (good for MOBA players)(riraito)

48 – Bosses have enrage timers. Inferno only? (kallell)

49 – Press X to show hp bars of every individual monster (altzan)

50- each vendor sells specific types of items that are generated when the game is created. If you want different items then remake the game.(riraito)

51-Unless they changed it from beta, magic (blue) items sold by vendors have unlimited stock. A cheap blue item can be a useful source of crafting materials if the auction house is too expensive.(tolana)

52-EXP chart basics:

If the level difference is less than 5, there is no penalty

if the level difference is between 5-10, there is a small penalty (10%, 20%, 30%,…)

If the level difference is more than 10, you’ll only receive 5% experience (95% penalty)

You only get “bonus” exp from monsters 6 levels below you. You gain increased (over 100% by default) exp by killing monsters up to 3 levels above you.

53- Activating ‘Letterbox’ mode in options will allow you to play in 16:10 if you have a 16:9 monitor. This means you will have more horizontal visibility. (Space-Dementia)

54 – Not as much of a tip as just personal preference…Remap my skills to , W,.A, D and potion to Q and/or E.

This way I can keep my hand in standard wasd position and have easy access to shift, alt, ctrl, skills and pots. No, need to reach for number keys.

I usually put my “oh shit” skill on space bar since my first instinct near death is to press every button. (hsmith711)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – The Arcade Game NES JAVA

~* - Controls for NES are - *~

| Arrow Keys = Move / Z = B / X = A / Control = Select / Enter = Start | Enjoy & PWN |

* All games listed on site are personally owned by myself IRL(In Real Life) *

***If you have issues playing, please update your java(free @***

MAX DPS Per Weapon Type in Diablo 3 – Best Dps Items in Game

Here is a really helpful and informative post that started on D2jsp and Reddit, and has built into something which should last the life time of the game. If you study this list enough, you will eventually know what a sell-able weapon is, and what a ZOMG LOOK BRO weapon is

Max DPS for each different weapon type!

The Reddit post can be found HERE.

What you start with are the base DPS numbers on There is exactly 1 level 63 weapon for each weapon type, and they all have a special name. I have included the names of every weapon so that you can look out for them on the ground (the base name shows up when a rare hasn’t been identified). Anything ilvl62 and below can’t really compete because it has lower base damage AND lower affix damage (all crafted items are ilvl 62).

Affix numbers can be found here. Affix damage scales up per item level, currently maxing out at ilvl 63. Daggers and 1H Crossbows get gimped affix damage due to their weapon speed, but all the other weapons have exactly the same bonus elemental damage potential (that’s why faster weapons have lower base damage).

All types of bonus elemental damage except cold have exactly the same amount of bonus damage potential (including physical).

A base weapon can be modified by a second +damage modifier: Fine. This goes up to 40% base damage!

For the maximum DPS I picked a perfect damage range roll (from, a maximum roll on the elemental damage range, +40% base damage from the Fine modifier, a perfect +50% damage (this only applies to the base damage of the weapon), and a perfect +25% Increases Attack Speed roll (this is +25% overall DPS straight up, after all other factors).

The formula is thus: ((Base Damage) x 1.4 x 1.5 + (Affix Damage) x (Weapon Speed)) * 1.25

Format is weapon name first, then maximum normal affix DPS, and then maximum DPS with a cold damage affix. And without further ado, the current numbers (sorted by DPS!):

One Handed Weapons:


Dagger 1330.3

Cold Dagger 996.4

Rune Sword

Sword 1486.2

Cold Sword 1151.1

Heaven Hand

Fist 1486.2

Cold Fist 1151.1

Veil Piercer

Ceremonial Knife 1510.1

Cold Knife 1175.0

Arch Axe

Axe 1523.3

Cold Axe 1212.0


Mighty 1523.3

Cold Mighty 1212.0

Centurion Spear

Spear 1555.8

Cold Spear 1268.6


Mace 1573.1

Cold Mace 1285.9

Two Handed Weapons

Warlord Sword

2H Sword 2032.6

2H Sword Cold 1769.2

Guru Staff

2H Diabo 2060.2

2H Diabo Cold 1796.8

Titan Axe

2H Mighty 2084.0

2H Axe Cold 1844.6


2H Axe 2097.1

2H Axe Cold 1857.8

Sovereign Staff

2H Staff 2129.9

2H Staff Cold 1890.6

Dread Lance

2H Polearm 2144.3

2H Polearm Cold 1916.9

Doom Hammer

2H Mace 2174.4

2H Mace Cold 1958.9

Ranged Weapons

Desolator Wand

Wand 1473.3

Cold Wand 1138.2


Hand Crossbow 1524.2

Cold Hand Crossbow 1167.9

Revenant Bow

2H Bow 1833.5

2H Bow Cold 1498.4

Hellion Crossbow

2H Crossbow 2005.3

2H Xbow Cold 1741.9


There isn’t much math to do with off hands, as far as I know. The best Mojos are ilvl 62 with a damage range of 110-405 and same with Orbs. There is a rare and legendary with the same damage range, so I’d assume you want to get the legendary.

After that it’s a simple calculation based on weapon speed (after IAS) for how much DPS the offhand will give you:.

Orb/Mojo with:

Mace, Spear (1.5 post IAS): +386.3 DPS

Axe (1.625 post IAS): +418.4 DPS

Sword, Ceremonial Knife/Wand (1.75 post IAS): +450.6 DPS

Dagger (1.875 post IAS): +482.8 DPS



World Power Rankings for League of Legends – June, 2012

Currently there have been a couple ups & downs in the world rankings. The most notable would be Team Solo Mid who seems untouchable after multiple back to back LAN event wins. There is still one team that TSM (solo mid) needs to smash, and that is Moscow 5. Moscow 5 has been semi dormant lately, they are still almost unbeatable in their country, but I think a match really needs to happen between M5 and TSM to determine once and for all who the best in the world really is.

Without further waiting, here is the most up to date League of Legends World Rankings

1. Team Solo Mid
2. Moscow 5
3. Counter Logic Gaming – North America
4. Counter Logic Gaming – EU
5. Team-Dignitas
6. Taipei Assassins
7. Team Dynamic
8. Team Fnatic
9. MiG Blaze
10. World Elite
11. MiG Frost
12. Curse EU
13. Team Solo Mid EVO

Please comment and let us know what you think!

MLG Anaheim Grand Finals – League of Legends – TSM vs CLG.NA

Team Solo Mid, what more to say, obviously a strong fan favorite, and a beast of a team! They have been winning so much lately, but one team to always give them a run for their money is CLG.NA.

If you were unable to tune into the finals of Major League Gaming: Anaheim, then you missed out, but do not fret just yet my nerd bros, I am here to fill you in.

I will say, it was an awesome series, and both CLG.NA & TSM played amazingly well, almost perfect, but TSM took the victory over CLG 5-3 total score.

The first set TSM was in #1 Seed spot, they won first game (SMASHED first game) over CLG. They looked unstoppable, but then, CLG came back and won the set 2-1 with some awesome plays and perfect play.  Since TSM was in first seed, in order for CLG to win they must win the next set, again, 2-1.

Second Set

TSM took game 1

CLG took game 2

Final Game - TSM switched it up, put Reginald top with Karthus, and Dyrus mid with Kayle (Dyrus and Kayle = OP

Here is the final match if you didn’t catch it, Enjoy, BAYLIFE!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Play Excite Bike for NES Online With Java Free

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Good Inferno Monk Guide and Strats for Act 1 & 2 Inferno

For Starters and Noobs- When you first reach Act 1 inferno you have noticed how hard it is(mainly by how hard they hit) compared to Hell difficulty. The reason this is so hard for a monk is because through the whole game, normal-hell, all a monk had to do was go into a group of mobs and face roll. In inferno you cannot do that, well until you’re geared that is. So you have to use this thing call skill to be able to start farming in Act 1.

Act 1 Inferno Monk Stats
32,746 Hp
616 Strength
1165 Dex
193 intel
759 Vit

6935.80 Damage (was using a weapon that had 450 damage and 400+ LOH)
5976(66.58%) Armor
189 All Resistance
41% Dodge!XYU!Zabaca

As you can see these stats are very poor at best. But i was still doing runs through Act 1 with little problem. The one problem i did have at this point was that i could not kill the butcher and that was because my damage output was too little. I’d say you should be able to kill him if you have somewhere around 10k damage.


So the skill i mentioned above is what made it possible for me to make it in Act 1 inferno and made it farm-able. What you do is basically have your earth ally and Templar tank for you while you stay behind them attacking with deadly reach. To make this the most efficient way I would bring the elite group to a choke point(a narrow passing like a bridge). This would block the elite group from touching me and would allow me to just put out the most damage i could.

Do realize that death is main part of inferno. You will die all the time. But the deaths are well worth the item drops and gold, so keep coming back for more and they will soon pop into a million rares :).

Best Areas to Farm in Act 1 Inferno-

The best area to farm in act 1 would be from the beginning of Imprisoned Angle quest to the end of the quest(killing the warden). You do want 5 stacks of Nephilim Valor before you reach the Warden. So in the rare occasions where you do not have the 5 stacks just take a way point to a earlier part of the act to find a champion pack. With 5 stacks of Nephilim Valor the Warden should drop 2-4 rares and like 5-10 blues.

Once you start start getting more resistance and damage you can start trying more damage dealing builds. You can also change up from using a templar and start using the enchantress for her CC abilities.

Act 2
I just started to be able to farm act 2 with little to no problem. Although there are those times you get a champion pack you just have to skip. I would suggest not farming act 2 until you are geared for it.

These are the stats i have right now in act 2(unbuffed).!XZU!Zcbaca


I basically use the same skill technique as i did when i first hit act 1 inferno. The difference here is that i use the enchantress over the Templar due to the sole fact that she has crowd controlling abilities. What you do is basically have your earth ally tank for you while you stay behind them attacking with deadly reach. To make this the most efficient way I would bring the elite group to a choke point(a narrow passing like a bridge). This would block the elite group from touching me and would allow me to just put out the most damage i could.

Enchantress skills- The skills i use with the enchantress are, charm, Powered Armor, Disorient, and mass control.

Area of Farm for Act 2-The most farmed area in Act 2 is the the start of the quest City of Blood to the killing of Magdha. Make sure when you get to her you have 5 stacks of NV. If you do not have five stacks just go back and try to find some more packs.

Where did i get my gold/ items????

Well the easy answer to this is by farming(mostly act 1 inferno and some gold from act 3 hell).
What gave me gold, i can sum this up to about two to three items that drop from act 1 inferno. Sold each of these items for over a million each.

1. Make sure your buffs are always up this includes your earth ally.

2. Its good to clear out an area of the map so that you have room to kite. This reduces the chance of other mobs being pulled.

3. Keep a set of pure MF gear in your inventory. When killing a pack or boss and the last monster you have to kill is below 100k hp switch out for your MF gear and kill the monster. This gives you a much higher chance of an epic item dropping.

4. Knowing all other classes and what they look for in items. This will make it so you know what items will sell to the AH and what items you should charsi(sell to vendor).

5. You should read this. Every class should. Explains the amount of effective hp you have from resistance and armor.

(Also to keep in mind about using the Mantra of Healing with +20% resistance rune vs. Mantra of Evasion with +20% armor rune. Your armor should be ten times the amount of your resistance, or your resistance should be 1/10 the amount of your armor. Resistence is ten times more effective then armor but you want to keep these numbers close and always chase the one that needs a bigger boost. For example, if you had 200 to all resistance, and had 3000 armor, you should use the Mantra of Healing with +20% resistance rune. But lets say you had 2000 armor and 300 resistance to all, you should be using the Mantra of Evasion with +20% armor rune.)

6.To know how to make it so you can use more then one defensive ability, Go to Options > Gameplay > Check “Elective Mode

7.(Will add more tips when i can think of more. Also if you have any please leave a comment)

Most of the Guide was Written by Scotty from D3 Forums