First Things to Do when Playing Diablo 3

Once Diablo 3 Releases in about a month, I’ve been wondering what activity I will engage in first. I want to make sure I am prepped to start the pwning of ez pz monster as soon as possible. Here is my short list of things to do looking towards the release of D3.

1. Pre-install the game! I don’t want to wait to install d3, I want it ready and I want to play it now.
2. Take off a few days of work! Yep, I will be taking off ATLEAST a single day of work, and I am sure to not be the only one.
3. Food! Prep your food, hot pockets, butt pillows, portable toilets, etc.
4. Friends! Find a group to play with before it is released so that you guys can jump right into the game and can already pick out your characters and everything.

That’s really about it. Remember to have fun, don’t stay up more than 48 hours without sleep and… will you keep your items, or try to make a quick gold dollar on that new improved shaco helmet!?!

Hecarim, the Shadow of War – Build, Guide, and Information

Hecarim - Coming to slay the noobs!
Hecarim – Coming to slay the noobs!

Hecarim is the newest upcoming addition to the League of Legends store!

If you’ve been clamoring to add more heavy cavalry to your League of Legends lineup, Hecarim, the Shadow of War has arrived to help you round out your roster. This high mobility fighter features excellent ganking and initiation potential, giving him great flexibility throughout the game. And what’s more, he’s a massive centaur with a host of ghost cavalry ready to trample his opponents under hoof!

So to help deliver your spectral warlord into the fray, Hecarim also boasts a compliment of abilities tailored to allowing him to move at frightening speeds and close distance rapidly. Devastating Charge gives Hecarim a short boost of movement speed to initiate a fight, chase down a fleeing enemy, or even escape when a battle goes south. His Onslaught of Shadows ability can serve to disrupt the enemy ranks in a team fight as well as land Hecarim in prime position to begin laying down heavy area of effect damage. Meanwhile, his Warpath passive gives him a little extra punch for each point of Movement Speed item you acquire, making some of the speedier items into more attractive choices.