Team Solo Mid: The Rain Man Kicked? New Roster?

You heard it here first!

Or maybe the TSM website, anyways, TRM (TheRainMan) has been replaced on team solo mid for league of legends.  Team Solo Mid has been a top team in the US and world for the past year, but recently they were destroyed at the IEM in Hanover, and then they replaced TRM with I believe Dyrus!

This is an exciting change, for me personally, and for the league of legends community to mix things up.  Personally I think Dyrus will take the place of Rain Man.  Dyrus was top for Epic gaming and he is a very very solid and consistent player for top lane and tanky / beefy DPS champion.

Stay tuned for more updates on Team Solo Mid!

Boot Danger – Love for JMO

Boot Danger’s first single from his album “The Unforgivable Pwn”

Boot Danger – Day in the Life – Episode 4

In this episode of Boot Danger – Day in the Life – Episode 4
Peeing in the corner, and it’s so cold
Exploring downtown Chicago, IL
What a character this guy boot danger is huh!?

Boot Danger – Day In The Life – Episode 3

In this episode 3, Boot Danger takes on eating the chicken, he loves the chicken boy.
You got that chicken gurl? UHHHHHH

Boot Danger – Day in the life – Episode 2

Boot Danger has another video, this time is ranting about sitting in traffic for too long and has to clean his apartment, but he don’t want no back talk!

Boot Danger – Day in the life- Episode 1

Here is the first video in a new funny video blog series by Boot Danger.

He does a one to two minute video every week most are pretty funny.

Check it out and comment and let me know if you liked it and thought it was funny, or if it was lacking.